Time Zones



Techie Kids Michigan
Mr. Salsich’s Gr. 3’s CT


Miss Jordan & 2KJ
Mrs. W & P-3


Mrs. McKenzie’s 2/3/4’s
New Zealand

4 thoughts on “Time Zones

    • Dear Leah,
      Thank you for leaving us another comment. We added the time zones page to help us figure out good times for connecting with other classes. It is fun to see what time of day, or even what day it is, in other parts of the world.

      Your friend,
      Mrs. W

  1. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    The time zones are very cool. I like all of them. They all have different times. Did you know that I Alberta, there day is always 1 hour before us? True fact! I was born I Alberta ad lived there for a while.

    Your old student,

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