A New Playground Game

We have been learning so much from our global friends through the Our World, Our Stories project that we are a part of. This week Mrs. Yollis’ class posted a great video of her students playing a fantastic game called Bamboo. We had heard of Bamboo when we Quad Blogged with a class from her school last year, but couldn’t quite imagine just how to play it.

Here is the video Mrs. Yollis and her students posted on the Our World, Our Stories Blog:

We couldn’t wait for the rain to stop so we could get outside and give Bamboo a try. Unfortunately our bars are a little too tall, but that didn’t stop us from playing. Kennedy, Sophie, Karin, and Ana made a few changes to the game and decided to call our version Switch.

Here is a video of our new game, Switch:

Thank you to Mrs. Yollis and her students for sharing such a great game with us! Maybe they will give Switch a try too.

What kinds of playground games do you like to play at your school?

Parents and families, what games do you remember playing when you were in elementary school?