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  1. Hello Mrs Watson and your delightful 2/3 class

    A big thank you for all your wonderful inspiration! We love sharing your school day journey and learning about your town and about blogging. We’re new to this exciting venture and appreciate learning from you.


    2A The Awesome Explorers

    • Dear Mrs. Boekhout,
      Thank you so much for visiting our blog and wiki. I hope that we will be able to do another wiki project this year. Thanks so much for the great link. I know the students will enjoy exploring that site. We hope your year is off to a great start!

      Mrs. W

  2. You students are amazing! Thanks for all of your work and effort in sharing your learning with others. I love seeing your art and your learning videos. My favourite one is the planet walk you took. Keep up the great work!

    • Dear Mr. Neilson,
      Thank you for leaving us a comment. We like sharing are learning with others. I am glade that you like our art work and learning videos.

      Best Wishes,

  3. Hello Mrs. Watson and the K/1/2/3 class,
    I am having lots of fun swimming and I got to go swimming with dolphins. They are slimy and smooth. The dolphin I swam with was in a movie called “50 First Dates”, he is 39 yrs old and full of energy. I gave him a kiss and I even danced with him. I love dolphins!
    From, Linden.

    • Dear Linden
      I have nevr see u Dofins . I wudir how thave loc Luock. Was it fun swimen with the Dowfinvs ? Is The trip fun? Howr you Ro You Have Fun?

      By Koa

      (I have never seen a dolphin. I wonder how they look like. Was it fun swimming with the dolphins? Is the trip fun? Are you having fun?)

  4. Dear Linden,
    I was very excited to see your comment! It sure sounds like you are having a fantastic time in Hawaii!

    I have always wanted to swim with dolphins. They are my favourite ocean animal. What an amazing experience you had! I hope you got some pictures that you will be able to show us. That is pretty cool that your dolphin is a movie star. I really like the movie, 50 First dates. I have seen it several times. Are dolphins your favourite too?

    What else have you been doing so far? What else do you have planned?

    We sure miss you, but are glad that you are having such a wonderful time! Say hello to the rest of the family.

    See you soon!
    Mrs. W

  5. Hi everybody. I was visiting your website again today and noticed you have ‘Finnish’ed your school mural. It looks wonderful! I hope you are all enjoying your learning there in Sointula. I really miss the bakery and Pullah bread. I hope you all have a safe Summer. You are the most amazing kids in the world. Here’s your joke of the day;

    Q: What happened when the wheel was invented?
    A: It caused a revolution!

    Stay smiling you amazing people!

    Mr. Neilson

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