Blog Guidelines

  • Students will only be identified by their first names.
  • Posts written by students are checked by Mrs. Watson before they are published on the blog.
  • Posts will not include personal details about students such as addresses and family information.
  • All comments submitted have to be approved by Mrs. Watson before they are included on the blog.
  • All students must have parental permission to post on the blog and to have their photo published on the blog. Any photos of students on the blog will be anonymous without any names connected to them.
  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child (Please post comments as“Jimmy’s mom” or “Megan’s grandfather”, etc.)
  • Proof-read your comments carefully.  Students should have a family member check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.
  • All students must abide by the blogging rules that we have established as a class.

19 thoughts on “Blog Guidelines

  1. What a wonderful website. I truly enjoyed every moment. The Blog Guidelines was important. When I start my website I will use some of your ideas. Thank you.

    • Thank you for checking out our blog and leaving a comment. We are glad that you liked it. These blog guidelines were taken from other class blogs that I liked. Good luck with getting your blog started!

  2. I like your blog guidlelines. I also hve been enjoying looking at your links on the sidebar. I took a look at your REading Wiki and was wondering how you got the music for Gotta Keep REaidng. I love the original video and would love to something similar to what you di with it.

    • Mrs. Stevens,
      Thank you so much for checking out our blog and leaving us a comment. I have sent you an email about your question.

      Mrs. W

    • Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. Please use any of the ideas that you like. Our guidelines were taken from other blogs that we visited too.

      Happy blogging,
      Mrs. W

  3. Hi Again Mrs. Watson! Mrs. Schmidt here from your Skype with PA last June. I have moved and changed schools, and I am setting up a blog for my new students. I love these blog rules and I plan to use some. Maybe we can meet up again on Skype this year.

  4. Hi Mrs. Schmidt,
    So great to see a message from you! I hope all is going well at your new school. What grade will you be teaching this year? We would love to Skype with you again this year. We start school on September 7th. When do your students start?

    Hope to talk with you and your students,
    Mrs. W

  5. Hello, I was wondering what are some other activities that you included in your reading celebration. I thinks it is a wonderful idea and would love to know more about. Thanks:-)

    • Hi Tonya,
      Thank you for visiting our blog and for leaving us a comment. The Reading Celebration is definitely our favourite day of the year! We have a wiki about the Reading Celebration that you might want to check out. There is a list of activities on the wiki as well as copies of some useful files.

      Please let us know if we can help in any way 🙂

      Mrs. W

  6. Hi Melody,
    I am using your blog guidelines and adapting them to “computer club” guidelines, if it’s OK with you.

  7. My principal shared your blog with me and I love it! My 4/5 class is just starting their own blog and yours has some wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing with the world!


  8. Hi,
    This is a fantastic class blog! Your guidelines is very clear and useful. May I use the guidelines if I were to set up a class blog? I am contemplating to do so… (after looking at yours and getting all inspired!)

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