Happy Halloween…a little late

The students had a great time on Halloween and we thought that we would share a few photos.

Our Self Portraits

The K/1/2/3s are wonderful artists!  We finished our self-portraits on Friday using a combination of paint and pastels.  Can you guess who is who?

Home Reading

Each morning the grade 2/3/4s begin the day by discussing the books they read at home the day before. We also talk about how important it is to read at home for extra practice and for enjoyment. This morning Alexandra, Ava, Mackenzie, and Loden told us about the books they are reading at home. Tomorrow the rest of the students will have a chance to talk about their books.

Alexandra-I read a Barbie book. I read a little bit. It was a good book.

Ava-I read Harry Potter last night and I am at the part where the cat, that is actually a girl, was sitting on Dursley’s wall.

Mackenzie-I read Robert Munch and it was Playhouse. My favourite part was close to the end when she asks her mom if she can have a play daddy or a play mommy. She makes her own out of cardboard. When she went in for breakfast her mom had made a play Rene.

Loden-Last night I read Mathew and the Midnight Pirates. It is a kid’s chapter book. I am on chapter two I think. It’s about a kid who dresses up like pirates and then in the middle of the night pirates come, but they don’t like water so they come in a wagon that looks like a boat.

We would love to hear about the books others are currently enjoying too!

Community Connections-Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The K/1/2/3s have been learning all about communities in Social Studies. We started learning about our own community first. We discussed natural and man-made features, traditions and celebrations, services and jobs.

We were curious what other communities in Canada were like. We sent a tweet out on Twitter to ask other primary classes to connect with us.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.28.42 PM

Our first connection was going to be with Ms. Cassidy’s class from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  To get ready for our call we thought about questions we would like to ask them. We also looked up their community in Google Maps and explored the street view of their downtown area.  They sure have a lot of stores!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.39.28 PM


Today it was time for our Skype call. Here is some of the interesting information we learned:

Ava-They have pigeons. We have pigeons too, but not a lot.
Alexandra-They have lakes and a river. We have Big Lake, Little Lake, Duck Lake, Secret Lake, and S Lake. Our lakes aren’t very big. We don’t have a river, but we have a creek. We have lots and lots of water because we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. They aren’t near the ocean.
Sierra-They have beavers. We don’t have beavers.
Kaydan-We have eagles and so do they.
Mackenzie-They have lots of animals. I learned that they have Moose. I think that might be why it is called Moose Jaw. We don’t have moose.
Loden-They have Canada Geese and we have a lot of those too, especially in our field.
Caleb-They have deer and so do we.
Kaleigh-They have cars, taxis, buses, and trains. We only have cars and a school bus. We have a ferry that takes us across the ocean.
Cherish-It snows a lot in Moose Jaw and it hardly ever snows here.
Eli-They have 300 kids in their school and we only have 40. They have 30,000 people in their community and we only have about 500.
Owen-Their school goes up to grade eight and ours goes to grade seven. Our grade eights have to take the BC Ferry to high school.
Rhys-I learned that Moose Jaw has lots of animals and not as many animals that live in the water. They have beavers and we don’t!


We would like to thank Ms. Cassidy and her grade one students for being our first Skype connection.  We would also like to thank them for sharing so much information about their community with us.  We hope we can take the iPad down to the ocean and show it to them soon!

Looking to Connect

Hi, we are a K/1/2/3 class. We live on a little island off the west coast of British Columbia. In social studies we are learning about communities and we like to blog. We want to find other classes across Canada to connect with. We want to see what other communities are like compared to our community. We have a lot of questions we want to ask you. We could write comments to each other, or we could even Skype.

If you would like to connect with us and learn more about our community, leave us a reply. We would love to learn with you!

The K/1/2/3s

We Love Reading!

On Monday mornings the K-3s enjoy reading books together.  We can read the pictures or the words and we remember to sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee so both partners can see the pictures.







Here are some of our favourite books:

Mya-My favourite book in the entire world is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Caleb-My favourite book is Marvel Super Heroes because it has Spiderman in it.

Kaleigh-My favourite, favourite book is Frozen.

Joey-The Book with No Pictures is really, really funny!

Storm-I love to read with friends.  I like the Rainbow Fairy book.

Star-My favourite book is Cinderella.

Eli-My favourite book is Star Wars.

Alexandra-My favourite book in the whole entire world is La La Loopsy.

Cherish-My favourite book is Puppy Place because my favourite animal is in it.

Mackenzie-My favourite is the dolphin book I was reading today.  The dolphins save people and it is kind of a challenge.

Owen-Magic Treehouse is my favourite because Dad and I read it at home.  It is the desert one.

Hilary-My favourite is the book about dogs.

Sierra-I like Curious George.  I really like that one!

What is your favourite book?

Science Buddies

Big buddies sure are great! We would like to thank our grade 6/7 buddies who helped us with our animal research projects. The grade 6/7s helped us with the reading, and also helped us write down our ideas if we needed it. It was so much fun learning about our animals with our buddies. We think they might have learned some cool facts too!








Chinese New Year

What do you get when you take 42 vegetables, a whole lot of rice, many pairs of chopsticks, and put them all in a room with 42 hungry children? A fantastic stir fry lunch for Chinese New Year.

We all brought a vegetable to school to add to the stir fry and then the intermediate students went to work washing, peeling, chopping and stir frying. They even decorated the room and made red envelopes called lai see for each of us and put chocolate coins inside.








It was so much fun celebrating and enjoying lunch together!

Red and Pink Everywhere!

The K/1/2/3s would like to thank the student council for the fun day they planned for Valentine’s Day. Many students came to school dressed in red and pink (some from head to toe). After recess we headed to the gym for activities. There was an amazing obstacle course, hula hooping, beanbag toss, colouring, and fun games. We had a wonderful time!







A Surprise Visit!

This morning, just before recess, Constable Gary and Constable Chris stopped by the school for a visit. We had a wonderful time learning about them and their jobs as police officers. We got to ask them all sorts of questions and we even got to try on their vests. Towards the end of our visit one of the students suggested they come out to play at recess, and guess what…they did!

Mya- I like how they let us put on their vests and they showed us where they worked and lived.
Koa-I liked how they stayed for quite a while and showed us where they have gone and how long it takes to get there. Constable Chris has been a police officer as long as I have been alive.
Sierra-I liked getting to see the police and playing games with them.
Zinnia-I really liked when Kaydan wore the vest. It was so funny.
Alexandra-I like how they told us where they lived.
Melliah-I liked how they surprised us and told us about some places they worked. They let us wear their vests. I liked that they played tag with us outside.
Rosemary-I loved that they came and taught us about where they lived.
Owain-I thought it was cool that Constable Gary worked in Nunavut.
Owen-It was cool when they showed us their bullet-proof vests.

Thanks so much for spending time with us. We sure hope you will come back to visit again soon!