Native Plants

Today, during our First Nations time, Claudia taught us about some of the native plants that can be found in our schoolyard. We compared different evergreen trees, berry bushes, and other plants the First Nations people used. We talked about the different ways the plants were used and then we had a special treat. Claudia peeled salmonberry shoots and let us all have a taste. It was a new experience for everyone! Some students really liked the shoots and some found them to be too bitter. After our snack we started our plant identification booklets and were excited to find out that we will get to learn some Kwak’wala too!

Have you ever tried salmonberry shoots before? If you have did you like the taste?

A Special Morning!

Wednesday morning we had some very special guests in our school. Mr. Child, who is the District Principal of First Nations programs, brought his wife and three girls to visit. They showed us the regalia they were wearing and brought many beautiful button blankets for us to look at. We learned that the blankets tell a story and that the designs on the blankets all mean something.

Then Coreen, Mr. Child’s wife, shared a very special dance with us called the Dance of the Echo Spirit. Mr. Child drummed and sang as Coreen danced. The girls were her attendants and helped her to make the mask transform to go along with the story. Mrs. Child is a professional dancer and is often asked to perform this dance on occasions because of her dancing abilities and so we are very lucky and thankful that she shared it with us.

After the dance it was noon and Mariah, Natalya, and Kiara joined our class to have lunch and play on the playground. They also got to stay for a round of Daily 5 and read with us.

What a special morning!

Justin-My favourite part of the morning was looking at the button blankets and watching the dancing. I was very interested in the drumming and the singing too. I think it must have been very hard to sew the blankets.
Lily-I loved the whole entire thing. I liked the button blankets and that they all had different designs.
Sophie-I thought the button blankets were very pretty. I thought the prettiest was the one with the wolves.
Ana-I thought the aprons, the button blankets, and the head pieces were amazing. I learned that they make head pieces out of cedar and ermine fur.
Oceana-My favourite things were the dance, the blankets, and the clothing the four girls wore.
Niall-I enjoyed all of it, but especially the dance.
Karin-I thought the dance and the drumming was great. I just loved the music!
Fay-I liked everything, especially all the neat designs on the button blankets.
Jenny-I loved the button blanket that had the eagle on it.
Jordan-I thought the dance was interesting. I learned that some people can sew a blanket in 5-7 days.
Dante-I thought the dance was cool. I liked the whole thing! There was so much I really liked about it.
Silkence-I liked the dance because the girl kept changing the mouth of the mask.

Provincial Symbols Wanted!

Today we Skyped with Mr. Avery’s class and found out that Massachusetts has a lot of state symbols that we don’t have. We decided to think of our own provincial symbols and thought we would put a poll on our blog to help us decide which would be the best choice.

Please help us decide by looking at our choices for each category and then voting for the one that you think would best represent British Columbia.

Provincial Dog Suggestions

Golden retriever-because they help people.
Pointer-to help you find things.
German Shepherd-because the police use them.
British Bulldog-because it has the word “British” in it just like British Columbia.
Black Lab- because they are loyal.



Provincial Dessert Suggestions

Fruit Salad-because fruit is healthy and we grow a lot of fruit in BC.
Pumpkin Pie-because pumpkins are healthy, delicious, and lots of people grow them.
Blueberry cake-because its initials are BC just like British Columbia.
Nanaimo Bars-because they were invented in Nanaimo, a city in our province.
Apple Pie-because we grow a lot of apples in British Columbia

Provincial Insect Suggestions

Beetle- because B is for British Columbia.
Bee-because B is for British Columbia.
Monarch Butterfly-because we have Monarchs in BC.
Ladybug-because they have spots and they can fly.
Mosquito-because we have lots and lots in BC.


Happy Birthday Stanley!

Tuesday was a very exciting day in our grade 2/3 class. We finally got to make our Flat Stanleys. The students even made food and small appliances to send along with him! For more information about Flat Stanley visit our Flat Canada blog.

Yesterday we showed Stanley all around the community so that we can share with his host classes where he came from. The Voicethread of our community will be finished soon.

The Stanleys will be leaving on their big adventures Friday.

Happy Birthday Stanley! on PhotoPeach