We Get to Choose!

This morning we had built enough stamina to add choice to our Daily 5 rounds.

So far we can choose to either Read to Self or Work on Writing.  We check in before the start of each round and make our choices.


This year we will learn strategies to help us with comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding our vocabulary. We have learned about 3 reading strategies already:

  • Check for Understanding (Comprehension)
  • Use the Pictures  (Accuracy)
  • Cross Checking   (Accuracy)

Don’t forget to use your reading strategies when you are reading at home each night too.

Today was Launch Day!

Today we launched our second Daily 5 round, Work on Writing. We first talked about why it is so important to write every day. Here are a few of the reasons we thought of:

  • It is fun!
  • It helps us to become better readers and writers.
  • We can write about whatever we choose.
  • We care about our writing and our readers.

Then we made an I Chart for Work on Writing just like the one we made for Read to Self. Our jobs during Work on Writing will be:

  • Stay in one spot
  • Get started right away!
  • Write the whole time
  • Work quietly
  • Choice of what to write
  • Underline words we are unsure of and move on
  • Build our stamina!

After a few students modeled what Work on Writing should and shouldn’t look like we were ready for our first practice.  Can you believe how quiet the room is?  We were definitely in the writing zone!


What is your favourite thing to write about?

What Are You Reading?

In K/1/2/3 we are very excited about books and about reading. Yesterday we got to go book shopping for the first time! We learned to pick “Good Fit” books. To pick a “Good Fit” book you can use I PICK.

I choose a book
Purpose-Why do I want to read it?
Interest-Does it interest me?
Comprehend-Am I understanding what I am reading?
Know-I know most of the words

We also thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the great books we chose!

We also wanted to let everyone know that we got to 16 minutes of Read to Self stamina today! Mrs. Watson lost track of the time and we just kept reading and reading. No one wanted to stop!

What are you reading?
Do you have a favourite book, series, or author?

We Love to Read!

Today was our third day together. The students have been working very hard and are settling in to their new classroom and routines. The 1/2/3s  are doing an especially good job of building their stamina during Read to Self.

Read to Self is a part of Daily 5. During Daily 5 we practice reading, writing, and word work so that we can become better readers and writers. We start with one of the five activities (Read to Self is first) and then gradually add the other four as we build our stamina and independence.

During Read to Self we have a chance to read “Good Fit” books that we get to choose. To help us be successful during Read to Self and to become independent we made an I Chart together(the “I” stands for Independence) of what it will look like in our class during Daily 5. During Daily 5 we will:

  • Pick a “Good Fit” spot
  • Get started right away
  • Stay in one spot
  • Read the whole time
  • Get into “The Zone”
  • Build our stamina

We made a short video to show you what a great job we are doing.  We hope you like it!


So far we have built 7 minutes of stamina.  As soon as we have built 10 minutes of stamina we will get to add the next piece of Daily 5!

Read to Someone

Daily 5 has been going wonderfully in our classroom. The students can independently work at Read to Self, Work on Writing, Listen to Reading, and Word Work. They love choosing when they will do each activity and are doing a great job of identifying their strengths and the things they would like to focus on to help them become better readers and writers.

This week was very exciting because we launched the last of the Daily 5 rounds, Read to Someone. The students have learned about sitting EEKK, how to pick a good spot, using whisper voices, checking for understanding, and different ways you can read with a partner.

We made this short video to show you what a great job everyone is doing!

Do you do Daily 5 in your school?  Do your students have a favourite round?

Grade 2/3’s, which round of Daily 5 is your favourite?  Why?

We Have Word Work Lift Off!

The grade 2/3’s have had a lot of fun learning all the different Word Work choices over the last couple weeks and today we were ready to launch Word Work as a part of our Daily 5. After two practice sessions we built our stamina up to an amazing 9 minutes.

During Word Work the students are practicing word wall words and their personal spelling words. They get a chance to challenge their personal word lists each week. If they can spell their words correctly they get to add new words to their personal lists for the next week. Any words that are still tricky are carried over for another week of practice.

We definitely love Word Work!