Science Fair

Just before Spring Break the students all participated in our school science fair. This is always a wonderful day where we get to share our learning with our friends, families and the community. The students have an opportunity to complete a study or experiment on a topic that they are interested in. Take a look at some of the fantastic projects below:





















Great job, K-4s!

Wild Heart with Joey Clarkson

Today was our final Wild Heart session with Joey Clarkson. We have had a great time singing and some of us have even worked on writing our own songs. Here is a video of us singing the song a group of the intermediate students wrote. There is also a short clip of a second song another group wrote. We hope Joey can come back again next year! Have you ever written a song before?

100 Days of School!

Today the K123s celebrated 100 days of school! The students spent the morning at different 100-themed stations. A great time was had by all. Take a look….

Which station was your favourite? If you weren’t at our celebration, which station would you most like to try?

Community Connections-Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The K/1/2/3s have been learning all about communities in Social Studies. We started learning about our own community first. We discussed natural and man-made features, traditions and celebrations, services and jobs.

We were curious what other communities in Canada were like. We sent a tweet out on Twitter to ask other primary classes to connect with us.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.28.42 PM

Our first connection was going to be with Ms. Cassidy’s class from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  To get ready for our call we thought about questions we would like to ask them. We also looked up their community in Google Maps and explored the street view of their downtown area.  They sure have a lot of stores!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 3.39.28 PM


Today it was time for our Skype call. Here is some of the interesting information we learned:

Ava-They have pigeons. We have pigeons too, but not a lot.
Alexandra-They have lakes and a river. We have Big Lake, Little Lake, Duck Lake, Secret Lake, and S Lake. Our lakes aren’t very big. We don’t have a river, but we have a creek. We have lots and lots of water because we are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. They aren’t near the ocean.
Sierra-They have beavers. We don’t have beavers.
Kaydan-We have eagles and so do they.
Mackenzie-They have lots of animals. I learned that they have Moose. I think that might be why it is called Moose Jaw. We don’t have moose.
Loden-They have Canada Geese and we have a lot of those too, especially in our field.
Caleb-They have deer and so do we.
Kaleigh-They have cars, taxis, buses, and trains. We only have cars and a school bus. We have a ferry that takes us across the ocean.
Cherish-It snows a lot in Moose Jaw and it hardly ever snows here.
Eli-They have 300 kids in their school and we only have 40. They have 30,000 people in their community and we only have about 500.
Owen-Their school goes up to grade eight and ours goes to grade seven. Our grade eights have to take the BC Ferry to high school.
Rhys-I learned that Moose Jaw has lots of animals and not as many animals that live in the water. They have beavers and we don’t!


We would like to thank Ms. Cassidy and her grade one students for being our first Skype connection.  We would also like to thank them for sharing so much information about their community with us.  We hope we can take the iPad down to the ocean and show it to them soon!

Student Bloggers Coming Soon!

Next week the grade 2/3/4s will be starting their own blogs. There has been a lot to do to get ready. We started by looking at blog posts and brainstorming what makes a good post. Here is the criteria we came up with:


We will use this criteria as we work on our own blogs to make sure we are writing quality posts.

Next we talked about commenting and constructed criteria for a good comment. We discussed Dead End comments (those that end the conversation, like “I like your post.”) and Highway comments (those that keep the conversation going). Here is the criteria we came up with for a quality comment:


We also spent time discussing internet safety. The students know that they should never share their YAPPY.

Y-your full name
P-phone number
Y-your plans

So that we could practice our blogging skills we started with paper blogging. Each student wrote a blog post on paper and then we used post-it notes to leave “Highway” comments for each other.



Tomorrow we will begin setting up our blogs and you should see posts in the very near future! Do you have a blog?

Looking to Connect

Hi, we are a K/1/2/3 class. We live on a little island off the west coast of British Columbia. In social studies we are learning about communities and we like to blog. We want to find other classes across Canada to connect with. We want to see what other communities are like compared to our community. We have a lot of questions we want to ask you. We could write comments to each other, or we could even Skype.

If you would like to connect with us and learn more about our community, leave us a reply. We would love to learn with you!

The K/1/2/3s

Accordion Performance

Today we had a surprise visitor. We would like to thank Tosha, for introducing us to Lorie and arranging for her to share her love of music and the accordion with us. Lorie is from Washington and has been playing the accordion for more than 50 years! She shared several wonderful songs with us. We couldn’t help but clap and tap along. We even got to do the Chicken Dance and a march around the gym to a song that Lorie called the Malcolm Island March. We hope that Lorie will be able to come back again in the future. For those of you that weren’t able to make it to the performance here is a little taste of what you missed:

Have you ever tried to play the accordion? Do you play any instruments?

A Room Full of Inventors!

Thursday afternoon we let our imaginations run wild as we created our own inventions. We brought in the big cart of materials for the first time this year and boy was it fun! There were so many odds and ends to choose from and we also got to use the glue guns and the Little Bits. Take a look at the fun we had!

Fire Safety

Today, we had a special visit from the Sointula Volunteer Fire Department. Glen, Jason and Tyler talked to us about fire safety. We learned all about the importance of having a fire safety plan at home. The students will be bringing home a booklet you can use for making your plan if you don’t already have one. We also talked about smoke alarms (don’t forget to check them every month) and fire extinguishers.

The K/1/2/3s would like to share some fire safety tips with you:
Sierra-If you are on fire, Stop, Drop, and Roll and cover your eyes and mouth.
Storm-If you call, “Help, help!” they will come.
Hilary-Don’t hide or the firemen won’t know where you are. You should yell.
Caleb-Always test the smoke alarm.
Kaleigh-Don’t go near where the fire is.
Cherish-If there is a fire and there is no way to get out, feel the door and if it is hot just wait for the firemen.
Mackenzie-Remember to put wet stuff under the door, move away and cover you mouth and breathe through it.
Owain-Always have a fire safety plan.
Owen-Duck so the smoke doesn’t get near you.
Alexandra-Never leave your meeting spot.
Ava-Always, when there is a fire, be very careful because there might be fire in the house.
Mya-Check smoke alarms at least once a month.
Eli-Sometimes if the door is hot or blocked go out the window.
Star-Be careful in the kitchen.
Kaydan-Never ever pull the fire alarm at school unless there is a fire.