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There are 18 students in kindergarten to grade 3 in our class. Our school only has 2 classrooms. We live on a small island in British Columbia, Canada.

We love school and are excited about learning new things! We think it is amazing that other people around the world are looking at our blog. We hope that we can make new friends through our blog and share with everyone all the exciting things we are doing at school.

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Mrs. Watson and the 2/3’s
Here is a video tour of our school that we made last year to share with our Quad Blogging buddies:

Here is the Voicethread we made two years ago for the Elementary Voicethread Wiki .  The students took pictures of our school and recorded messages about them.  Take a peek inside our school…

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  1. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    We think the video about your school is amazing. Our school also has an outdoor playground. Our school doesn’t have a gym. Our school also has many more classes. What other activities do you have there? Do you enjoy school?

    Your new buddies,
    Arielle and Melissa from Mrs. Ranney’s class

    • Dear Arielle and Melissa,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment. I am happy that you liked the video about our school. Is your playground big or small? I guessed that you would have gym outside because it is so beautiful where you live. You’re lucky pretty much all we get is clouds and rain. Ya we are very small school. We love to play in the forest, in the court, we have three slides, one by the forest, one on the top of a hill, and on attached to the playground we also love to play on the playground, and last but not least we love the field. To my class school is like a peace of Heaven.

      Best Wishes
      Kennedy <3

  2. Dear Mrs. Waston’s Class,
    We have watched your video, and we have found many similarities and differences. For example, you have three classrooms in your school total, and we have four in our grade. I think you have a big play area for a small school. It is really cool that you have a forest outside your school. We don’t have a gym in our school, but we do have P.E. (Physical Education). For P. E. I especially like basketball and playing games on the grass. Can you tell me more about your school?

    Your Quad blogging Buddies,
    Jace and Andrew

    • Dear Jace & Andrew,
      Thank you for the awesome comment. All the kids in my class <3 the forest. We have 49 kids in our school. How many kids are in your school? If you could go anywhere in the whole world were would you go?
      Your blogging buddy,
      (From Mrs. Watson's class)

  3. Dear Mrs. Watson’s Class,

    We loved your video about your school. We are both 3rd grade classes. We both have outdoor playgrounds. You have P.E every day, we don’t. We have P.E once a week. You have hallways inside, we don’t. Your school has a forest next to it , we don’t have one. Do you like having a forest next to your school? Do you like having a gym in your school?


    Arielle, Grace, and Maya from Mrs. Ranney’s class

  4. Dear Grace, Arielle, and Maya,
    That is not fair, you only have P.E once a week. Yes we like both the Gym and forest.

    Best Wishes,
    Kennedy <3

  5. Dear Mrs Watson’s Class,

    You have an amazing school!

    Here are some similarities and differences:

    You have a gym, and we don’t have a gym. You have a forest, and we don’t. You have less people in your class, and we have more. You have indoor halls, and we have outdoor halls. We have P.E. twice a week, and you have it everyday. Lucky!

    You have a outdoor playground like us. You have pooping birds and we do too. (only sometimes…LOL)

    Did you learn cursive? Did you learn geometry?


    Hayley and Eve from Mrs. Ranney’s Class

  6. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    Your school is unbelievable.
    We liked looking at your forest.

    You are lucky you have one, and we don’t have one.
    It sounds fun to have forest animals in your forest.

    We are learning about adverbs and money.
    What sports do you like?

    What books do you like to read?
    What games do you like to play on the field?

    New Blogging Buddies,
    Adam, Aviv, and Josh

  7. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    We really like your school! We have a playground too. You have a forest, and we have a blacktop. Do you have a cafeteria? What are you learning? Do you have homework on Friday? We hope you answer our questions.

    Best wishes,
    Nate and Michael from Mrs. Ranney’s Class

  8. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    Your school is very unique and amazing. We have some similarities with your school and our school, We both have a library, a big playground, and a variety of people in our school. We also have differences at our school as well, like we don’t have a forest next to our playground, and we don’t have a gym. We have outdoor halls, but you have indoor halls.We have 587 children in our whole school. Have you done biography subjects yet? Have you done geometry yet? Do you have a lot of homework?

    Your new blogging buddies,
    Vanessa and Melissa from Mrs. Ranney’s Class

  9. Dear Mrs Watson’s class,

    We go to the library on Wednesday too. Some of my favorite books are: Charlie Bone, Cam Jansen, and biographies.

    Talk to you soon,

  10. Mrs. Watson,

    I am a grade three teacher in the Vancouver lower mainland and we also have our own class blog. I’ve been reading about your Tale Trail project. I think this is something my students would really like to get involved in. How did you connect with the other teachers/classes for this project? Is there other Tale Trail stories taking place and if so how do I go about contacting these teachers and participating in the program?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested here is the link to our class blog.


    • Dear Mr. Preshaw,
      Thank you very much for stopping by our blog and for leaving us a comment. It is always nice to meet other classes who enjoy blogging like we do.

      We have been connected to the other teachers in the Tale Trail for quite some time. We have enjoyed being a part of several different collaborative projects with these classes. Some we met through our blog and others we met through connections on Twitter.

      Mr. Avery organized this particular project. I am not aware of any other Tale Trails, but you could certainly give it a try with other classes. Are you on twitter? It is a fantastic place to connect with other educators from all over the world. You could also try the list of class blogs on the Edublogs site.

      Let us know if we can help at all,

      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  11. Hi Mrs. Watson;
    I have been looking at your wonderful blog and would love to connect with you. I have some questions about your set-up and other things that you and your class have done. It would be great if you had the time to email me.
    Jennifer Nowell

  12. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    We are a 1/2/3 multi-age classroom in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We loved watching your video of your school. It was awesome! We like that your school is near a forest- you are so lucky! Your play structure looks like fun! It looks very different from our school yard. You have inspired us to make a video about our school too!


    Mrs. McLachan and Room 11
    Buchanan School
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  13. wow this is wonderful i hope that you guys are having fun and i was in mrs.yammines class 3 years ago so when you skype with her tell her that faith rawding says hi and that i miss her so much

    • Dear Faith,
      It was so nice to see a comment from you! I fondly remember Skyping with you and your class. Time sure flies, doesn’t it! How is school going for you this year? We now have students in our class from K-3 and the students you Skyped with are now in the intermediate class. Does your class this year have a blog?

      Your friend,
      Mrs. W

  14. hey kids she is a great teacher trust me we blogged when i was in mrs.yammine’s class in 3rd grade but you guys have a wonderful time hopefully i will blog you again sometime

  15. Your school looks great. Thank you for putting lots of interesting information on your blog for us to see. We are a Year 1/2 class from Sydney Australia who love blogging. We have 650 students in our school and also have a library, gym and computer lab. There are 24 students on our class. We would love to hear from you and tell you more about our school and learn more about yours.

    From Mrs Harris and 1/2H

  16. Hi Mrs Watson,
    Wow! I love the look of your blog! I’ve just started a classroom blog with my Year 2/3 class in Canberra, Australia. We are loving our blogging journey so far and are keen to make some global connections with classes around the world. Next week we will comment on some of your posts, I know my kids will enjoy learning about kids on the other side of the world! Especially as your school and class set up is different to ours. I am especially looking forward to sharing with my class the video you made for your friends in Finland.
    If you or your class were interested in checking out our blog we would love to hear from you! You can visit us at http://mrsbyrneblog.edublogs.org/

    Amy Byrne

  17. Dear Mrs Watson,
    Angelika and I have been watching your videos. So far we think they are wonderful I can’t wait to know how your class is going. You should vist our blog http://hfpsroom4.global2.vic.edu.au/ . Angelika and i are from room4 at Holy Family Bell Park Australia . We hope you reply on our comment.
    See you later
    From Olivia and Angelika

  18. Hi Mrs. Watson,

    We are a Grade 2 class from Manitoba – close to Winnipeg, on the outside of the city. We have grades K-4 in our school. We have 4 K classrooms and 3 classrooms for every other Grade- that’s 16 classrooms in our school. Our community is growing fast!

    We are learning about Canadian communities are we loved learning about your school and how different and similar our school is compared to yours. After watching a couple of your videos, our class wanted to ask your class a couple questions.
    – What do your parents do for work? What kids of businesses and services are on your island?
    – Do you have to go off your island for anything or do you have everything you need there?

    Thanks so much for helping us learn about other communities in Canada. Hopefully, talk to you soon!

    Ms. V’s Grade 2 class

  19. Hi I really love your blog. I am at the other end of the age spectrum from your pupils. I am 71 years old and trying to learn about blogging and twitter. I first looked at your web page with the intention of telling you about my sons company ******* which deals with teaching tools. However your school is so small that I don’t think they are appropriate for you.
    I am so pleaed I came across your site. I think it is wonderful. I was apoliceman in the UK for 30 years. I nw live in Sunny Portugal. If the children want to know anything about police work or about Portugal please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Best regards


  20. Dear K/1/2/3,

    We loved watching the video about the tour of your marvellous school. We particularly enjoyed watching you explore the forest. We don’t have anything like that in our school in Australia.

    Our school is very different to yours. We have about 365 children in our school and there are 23 children in our Year 3/4 class. We live in a suburban area of Melbourne, not far from the city.

    Three students from our class have visited Canada (as well as our teacher, Miss Poole).

    We would love to stay in contact with you. Perhaps you would like to visit our blog: lpoole.global2.vic.edu.au/

    Happy blogging!

    From 3/4LP

  21. Hi Everyone, I am A.J. Elliott’s granddaughter. My Grandfather, Arthur James, was the principal of two schools in Sointula. He was honoured when your school was named after him. I came to Sointula every summer when I was young and loved Sointula. I met many friends from Sointula. I became a teacher too. I hope to visit your school someday soon. It is very special having a school named after my grandfather. Have a happy day! Beth Boyd

  22. Dear Ms. Boyd,
    Thank you for the nice comment. It is so cool that our school is named after your grandfather and that he was a principal in Sointula! Where do you teach? Do you teach in Canada and what grade do you teach? When was the last time you were in Sointula? We hope you do come to visit soon. We’d love to meet you!

    Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

    • Hi Mrs.Watson and the K/1/2/3’s, I now live in Duncan but I taught all over British Columbia. I am now retired. Duncan is near Victoria. When I was your age I used to come to Sointula every summer to see my grandpa, AJ Elliott and my granny. He would take us to the beach and we would have a delicious salmon barbeque. I used to play with the children from Sointula. I hope to visit in the late spring and I would love to visit you. Beth Boyd (Elliott)

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