Fire Prevention Week Visitors

The K/1/2/3s would like to thank volunteer firefighters Glen and Jason and paramedic Tyler (who is also a volunteer firefighter) for coming to visit the school yesterday.  We learned about fire safety and got to take a tour of the firetruck and the ambulance as part of Fire Prevention Week.  We hope that families will check their smoke alarms and talk about their Home Fire Escape plans.  The students all brought home pamphlets that can be used to make a Fire Escape plan.




Eli-I learned to check your smoke alarm every month.  I thought it was every 2 months.

James-I really liked the loud siren.

Mackenzie-I learned that you should know your phone number, address, and then 911.

Loden-I learned that they have spotlights.

Caleb-I learned theta they use axes when they are stuck

Alexandra-I like the sirens.

Jacob-I learned about the axe.

Cherish-I learned that the ambulance has more than one siren.

Sierra-The ambulance has lots of stuff inside of it.  I knew that because I have ridden in it before.

Harmony-I learned because I was listening.


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