Thank you Brilliant Labs!

Last Friday, we got a very special package in the mail!  You may remember that in  the new year our class won a prize from Brilliant Labs for participating in the Hour of Code.  We got to choose $2000 worth of technology-based resources for our classroom. When we opened the box we found Makey Makeys and several Little Bits kits (the Lego Wedo is still to come).

We have spent two afternoons exploring the Little Bits kits and brought out one of the Makey Makeys this afternoon as well. We started with some of the suggested projects in the manuals, but then did some inventing of our own.

We would like to thank Brilliant Labs for this amazing prize and can’t wait to share our learning with everyone!

Q’uen-Thank you so much they are awesome!

Melliah-Thank you for the stuff you bought us.  We had a lot of fun with it.

Sierra-I made an invention with it.  I put the finger sensor at the end and the roll wheel think in the third spot and my battery before it.  I pressed the wheel and the vibration sensor bounced around.

Owen-I really like how you got us all of these parts.  I think I am going to try and change the calendar into a keyboard.

Kaydan-Thank you for this awesome stuff.  I made something called a Wiggle Light.

Alexandra-It was very nice of you to give us all these fancy things.

Ava-I really like the invention that I made.  Thank you for giving us them.  I made a really cool invention with Alexandra.  I gave her the other light so she could make two lights.

Cherish-I really like them.  I like the pressure sensor.

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  1. We hope you have a wonderful learning experience and we can’t wait to see what you brilliant minds can create!

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