5th Annual Science Fair

The Science Fair was a huge success. Every student in the school spent several weeks studying a topic of their choice. Some of the students did studies and some did experiments. Most of the students in the primary class decided to share their animal studies.

In the morning each student got a chance to talk about their project with the judges and in the afternoon the community was invited to come and share in our learning.

Some of the students are already talking about what they would like to learn about next year!

Have you ever done a science project?

4 thoughts on “5th Annual Science Fair

  1. Dear Mrs. Watsons Class,
    I also enjoyed the science fair a lot! Everyone did an amazing job. I really liked learning about all sorts of animals from your class. There were bats, dolphins, owls, giraffes, leopards, and coyotes. I learned so much from all of them. I can’t wait until next year!


    P.S. I really liked Owen’s experiment about high tide

  2. Hello Mrs. Watson and class,

    I must say I have never been in a school where all students prepare projects for an annual science fair but I have been involved in school science projects. At one school I ran a Double Helix Science Club as well as having projects within my classes.

    My university degree is in science so projects I carried out while studying included observing the behaviour of South American spider monkeys, collecting plants and preparing a herbarium of them (samples and information). Would you believe I even had to dissect (look inside) a cockroach and a shark? I still have ongoing science projects but they mostly involve filming and photographing animals and plants. Only last week I was testing out a new camera in a local wetlands reserve and an animal sanctuary.

    I think it would have been fascinating to have been able to see all of your work and hear the science talks.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. I like science because it is very complicated and fun. But because I live in Australia we don’t do science fairs. I really like your post a lot!

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