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Big buddies sure are great! We would like to thank our grade 6/7 buddies who helped us with our animal research projects. The grade 6/7s helped us with the reading, and also helped us write down our ideas if we needed it. It was so much fun learning about our animals with our buddies. We think they might have learned some cool facts too!








2 thoughts on “Science Buddies

  1. Hello Mrs. Watson and class,

    It looks as though students and buddies had a wonderful time discovering animals together. It seems no matter how much we learn there is still more to be known. Our world is an amazing place.

    Animal studies is a favourite topic of mine, although I have any favourites. Of course, we have very different animals to the ones you know around your home. When I look out of the window where I am sitting, I sometimes see kangaroos on the sports ground across the road. Many birds including colourful parrots visit my yard. I have even seen an echidna and blue-tongued lizard in my yard.

    Unlike your country, we don’t have bears at all. The koala is sometimes called a bear but it really isn’t one. It’s a marsupial and females carry their young in pouches. We have many types of snakes as well. I have seen a number of poisonous snakes when hiking. Like your country, we have many insects but they wouldn’t be the same as you might find.

    Over the last year, I have been involved with filming and photographing wildlife in my area. In part it’s for my own fun but it has also been in support of a bioblitz where sceintists and interested members of the public help check the health of the environment, the plants and the animals. i was able to learn more about plants and animals direct from scientists who study them.

    Keep your eyes and minds wide open to a wworld of learning.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hello Melody, that was a great idea to get the older kids to work with the younger ones. I bet it meant a lot for the little ones to work with the big kids of the school. At my school we used to have reading buddies where every Friday the older kids would get partnered with a younger kids and we would read for an hour. Did partnering the little kids up with the older kids work as well as you had hoped? If not why so? Great job on the blog I loved how you added pictures.

    From: Sierra

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