Chinese New Year

What do you get when you take 42 vegetables, a whole lot of rice, many pairs of chopsticks, and put them all in a room with 42 hungry children? A fantastic stir fry lunch for Chinese New Year.

We all brought a vegetable to school to add to the stir fry and then the intermediate students went to work washing, peeling, chopping and stir frying. They even decorated the room and made red envelopes called lai see for each of us and put chocolate coins inside.








It was so much fun celebrating and enjoying lunch together!

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. Hello Mrs Watson and children,
    We are the grade one and two students from Holy Family School in Australia!
    We thought your post about the Chinese New Year was interesting. It looked like the children were enjoying the food. What kinds of vegetables did the children bring?
    Happy Chinese New Year. We hope to hear from you soon!
    From Mrs Buckby and students.

  2. Dear K\1\2\3s and Mrs.Watson,
    It was so much fun doing the stir fry lunch! It was lot’s of fun trying to eat rice with chopsticks. Did you have fun?


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