A Surprise Visit!

This morning, just before recess, Constable Gary and Constable Chris stopped by the school for a visit. We had a wonderful time learning about them and their jobs as police officers. We got to ask them all sorts of questions and we even got to try on their vests. Towards the end of our visit one of the students suggested they come out to play at recess, and guess what…they did!

Mya- I like how they let us put on their vests and they showed us where they worked and lived.
Koa-I liked how they stayed for quite a while and showed us where they have gone and how long it takes to get there. Constable Chris has been a police officer as long as I have been alive.
Sierra-I liked getting to see the police and playing games with them.
Zinnia-I really liked when Kaydan wore the vest. It was so funny.
Alexandra-I like how they told us where they lived.
Melliah-I liked how they surprised us and told us about some places they worked. They let us wear their vests. I liked that they played tag with us outside.
Rosemary-I loved that they came and taught us about where they lived.
Owain-I thought it was cool that Constable Gary worked in Nunavut.
Owen-It was cool when they showed us their bullet-proof vests.

Thanks so much for spending time with us. We sure hope you will come back to visit again soon!

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