Devon Wells Bluegrass

On Wednesday we were treated to a musical performance in the computer lab. The devon Wells Bluegrass trio visited our school to share some fast picking banjo, guitar, and bass playing. They also had a few surprise instruments to share with us as well. Students were invited to participate in a few of the songs and had a great time guessing the titles of the songs included in the medley near the end.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can get a little taste of the performance in this video:

Which song was your favourite? Do you play an instrument?

2 thoughts on “Devon Wells Bluegrass

  1. I think my favourite song was “Turkey in the Straw”. I also loved hearing everyone sing “You are My Sunshine”. It looked like a lot of fun! I play three instruments a little bit: the piano, the guitar, and the banjo! I wish that I played the banjo as well as that man. I guess I would need to practice a lot!

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson,
    My favorite part was when they did the Simpsons thing, and no I do not play a interment 🙁 I wish I did but I do do gymnastics 🙂

    From your

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