Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.22.12 PMToday we finished our first chapter book read aloud. The students all enjoyed listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the afternoons. We loved making mind pictures to go along with the story. Roald Dahl certainly has a wonderful imagination!

Here are some of our thoughts:

Owen-Lucky Charlie, that he got a golden ticket. That chocolate would taste yummy!

Mya-I wish I could be Charlie so that I could eat all that chocolate and try the sweet grass every day! I would like to drink out of the hot river and have a giant mug with my breakfast of the hot chocolate river.

Melliah-I wish I could eat some chocolate one by one each day and play with the Oompa-Loompas and drink some of the chocolate river.

Sierra-I wish I was Charlie because I would get the whole chocolate factory. I wish I could eat chocolate every day with Oompa-Loompas and eat junk food every day because Charlie gets a whole supply of candy.

Kaydan-If I was in the glass elevator, I’d pick the same button as Charlie. I liked Mr. Wonka said, “Pink fuzzy lemonade and exploding candies.”

Cherish-I wish I was Charlie because then I could eat lots of chocolate and I like the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Alexandra-I want candy and I would like to have breakfast with Charlie at the chocolate factory.

Zinnia-If I was Charlie and I got the whole factory then every day I would have 3 cups of the chocolate water and fill up on the grass and chocolate.

I wonder what book we will read next!

One thought on “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  1. Dear K123s
    I remember when Mrs Watson always used to read this book to us it is one of my favorite books.
    Do you guys have a favorite part of the book.

    Have an amazing day K123s

    From Jorja

    Mrs Watson when can I get the book?

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