Pumpkin Math

The students have been having a wonderful time doing pumpkin math each day this week. We have worked on estimating, graphing, comparing, measuring mass, measuring circumference (a new math word for each of us), and measuring height in cubes.

We will continue working with our pumpkins tomorrow and on Friday. We plan to measure the height of each pumpkin in centimetres, estimate the number of seeds we will find when we carve them Thursday afternoon, and use equal groups to get an actual count. All of these measurements will provide us with meaningful data for problem posing and problem solving.

The students have done a wonderful job of working together and have been having a lot of fun too. We love pumpkin math!

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Math

  1. Hi Mrs Watson,

    As a student I love to do math, but I’ve never measured a pumpkin before! I like how you were learning the fun way, hope you enjoyed your maths and a happy Halloween.

  2. Did you guys get to carve the pumpkins after you measured the pumpkins??? are class got to carve pumpkins and bring them home maybe next year you guys should see if u could carve some pumpkins!!

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