Finnish Visitors

Today we had some very special guests in the school. Sara, Jussi,
Tuukka, Juhani, Iika, Elina, Tero and Mikko are from Finland and are a part of a group called Friends of Sointula. Many members of the group were here for a visit last year as well.

They played a game of Line Tag with us to get warmed up and then we played two very fun drama games: Slime and Fairies, and another game very much like Hospital Tag.

Before our time was up we also had time to learn some words in Finnish and hear a traditional Finnish song.

30 minutes went way too fast. We hope they will be able to come and visit again next year!

One thought on “Finnish Visitors

  1. Dear K123s
    It looks like you guys had a really good time. We played Hospital tag to!!
    I hope you guys are have a very fun time doing and learning new things.


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