What is Daily Five ?

In our classroom we use Daily 5 for our Literacy time. The Daily 5 is a framework which provides large chunks of focused time for reading, writing, and word study; increased student independence and responsibility; student choice; and goal setting.

Each day students select from five choices while working towards their personalized reading and writing goals. Individual student needs are met through whole-group and small-group focus lessons, as well as one-on-one conferring sessions.

The choices are introduced one at a time, and as the students’ stamina and independence increase, additional choices are added. The five choices are:

Read to Self,
Work on Writing,
Read to Someone,
Listen to Reading, and
Word Work.

This week we launched Read to Self and after only two days of practice we have already built almost 8 minutes of stamina. We learned that there are different ways to read a book (read the pictures, read the words, or retell a familiar story) and we also met our first Reading Buddy, Eagle Eye.

Here’s a look at Read to Self in our classroom:

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