First Day of School

We had a wonderful first day of school in K/1/2/3. We began our morning with a familiar fairytale retold by author Jan Brett and then we went on a Bear Hunt. Be sure to ask your child what their favourite part of the story was and go on a Bear Hunt of your own!

Next we made self portraits to add to our coconut tree in the hallway. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, look who’s in our classroom!

After a tour around the school we finished our first day with a game of Hands Up tag and Go Go Go Stop in the gym. Our K/1/2/3s are amazing at freezing like statues!

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

7 thoughts on “First Day of School

    • Dear Lara,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment. We were all excited to see it, especially Owen! We are having a lot of fun at school. We hope you can come visit some time.

      Your Friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

      p.s. We would love another comment

  1. Dear Mrs Watson and K/1/2/3
    How exciting that while you are just back at school, our class is going on our 2-week spring break, starting on Friday!

    Some of your students might remember us – I am Mrs Mckenzie, our class is called B4 and we live in New Zealand. We have got Year 1/2/3 students in our class, all aged 6 and 7 at the moment. Soon we will have our first person turning 8.

    We hope we can get to know each other this year!

    warm regards
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

    • Dear Blake and Ryan,
      Thank you for leaving us comments. We really like the Bear Hunt too. We always laugh when we imagine trying to go under everything and we all the the fast part running back home. Do you have any favourite action songs?

      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  2. Hello everyone,

    Welcome back to another school year of exploring, learning and having fun. 🙂

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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