Mail From Australia

At the end of last week we got a wonderful surprise when we arrived at school. Our friend Mr. Mannell, a retired teacher from Australia, had sent us a very special package in the mail. One of the grocery stores in Australia was running a promotion where you could collect baby animal cards. Mr. Mannell managed to collect a few sets and was kind enough to send one to us. We even got a a folder to display them in. Some of the animals were familiar to us, and some of them we had never even heard of. We love the cool facts on each card. Thank you for the wonderful gift, Mr. Mannell! We are going to laminate the cards on the display so that it will last a long time.


One thought on “Mail From Australia

  1. Hello Mrs. Watson’s K/1/2/3/4 Class,

    I’m sorry so much had kept me away from sending a message to you but I am now trying to catch up a little. Animals are fascinating and are great subjects for study and photography. I have seen most of the animals you found on the cards although some were only in zoos.

    Another class in Canada also received a set of the cards. The class wrote a post about the cards and some of the extra information they found. Here is a link to their blog but you might already know the Battalion Bloggers…

    The world can be an exciting place when we keep our minds open to new learning.

    Ross Mannell

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