Our Class Storybirds

The K/1/2/3s worked very hard on their digital stories. They all had amazing ideas and the older students helped with the typing. We hope you enjoy them!

The Lost Mermaid by Bronwen, Mya, and Isaac

Garbage Monster by Brooklynn, Owen, and Kaydan

Fun Animals by Jorja, Cherish, and Hilary

The Best Friends by Linden, Randi, and Sierra

The Elephant by Koa and Ava

2 thoughts on “Our Class Storybirds

  1. Hi mrs. Watson’s class
    I really liked your cool,sad, funny, pictures that you guys made! I really liked them so much!

    From Noah

  2. Dear class,
    I loved the storybirds that we made. Isaac wouldn’t agree on almost anything, Mya would agree more. I read every single one there. They were awesome!


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