Remembrance Day

Today we had a Remembrance Day Assembly to honour the memory of the thousands of brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our country.  We remember the soldiers from the First World War, the Second World War, the Korean War, the Afghanistan conflict and peacekeeping missions.

Several of the students in our class prepared something to share in the assembly.
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Remembrance Day

When all the soldiers fought,
And how many died was a lot,
Because they brought us peace,
Remembering is the least
That we can do

They went away to war,
Saving what we had before,
And every Remembrance Day,
All filmed in black and white and gray.
We remember what they did,
None of them cowered or hid.
They did it all for us.




Remembrance Day

As the poppies sprout up my feet
The sadness, and sorrow returns
From the war
Poppies sprout their core
Now let’s sit in peace, and think about war




Remembrance Day is not a fun day at all. Over 65000 people died for our freedom. The worst fighting in the war was in Belgium. Every year on November at the 11th hour at 11th day we go into the big kids’ class and do speeches like this one. After we have two minutes of silence. Always Remember the war and the soldiers.



A poppy is to remember the young men and women
who died in the war and
who fought courageously for our freedom.
For some the day to remember
this is happy because the Great War is over,
for others it is sad because war is still raging.
As this poem comes to an end
Remembrance Day draws near.
I wish war was a not a thing.


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