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We had a great Monday in K/1/2/3! We started the day with a Bus Safety field trip, learned how to use a fun new computer program, did some math, finished our self portraits (pictures to come soon), and ended the day playing with the parachute in the gym.

Here are some of the things we learned from Andrea our bus driver:
Jorja-If there is an accident, like a crash on the bus, you don’t freak out. You just get out.
Sierra-When you are out of the bus make sure you look both ways in case there is a car.
Bronwen-If there is a bus crash you can go out the back, but make sure there are big kids to help the little kids.
Owen-Don’t jump out of the school bus when the driver is driving.
Kezra-When you are going across the road, wait until Andrea nods her head, then look both ways before crossing, and then get on the bus.
Cherish-When the bus is moving don’t get out of your seat.
Aydan-Stay in your seat.
Linden-When the bus driver is driving don’t scream. If there is a problem don’t panic, stay calm, and get out as quick as you can.
Mya-If the bus driver is driving don’t get out of your seat. You should be quiet.

It was a great day!

11 thoughts on “Bus Safety

  1. Dear class,
    I loved doing the bus safety trip. I’m happy we did not get drenched! Parachute was extremely awesome especially when we finished are portraits, and learned the new program fun before it!

    Your friend,

  2. Dear Class,
    I am in Victoria and I am going to Port Angeles in the morning. I am going to have to get Alden and Randy a pair of mickey mouse ear. I hope you guys are having a good time. I have to go because I have to get ready to leave!!!!! I miss you guys and I will try to leave 9 or more comments on the blog.

    (: (:

    From, Jorja

    • Dear Jorja,
      Please write another comment when you get to Orlando. We all cracked up when you said you had to get Alden and Randy a pair of mickey mouse ears. (:
      We are having a good time. How about you?

      Have a good time!

  3. Today I went on an enormous (I mean one hundred and seventy-five feet tall), Ferris wheel called the Niagara Sky Wheel. I went on the Sky Wheel with my grandpa Trimmer and my cousin Kate. From the Ferris wheel we could see Niagara Falls itself.


  4. Dear Lily,
    Wow! I went and Googled the Niagara Sky Wheel and boy does it look fantastic! Did you take pictures of the falls from the top? What was your favourite part? I can’t wait to show the class on Monday. Hopefully you will be able to send us more updates.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time,
    Mrs. W

  5. Dear Class,
    Today I am heading to animal kingdom. I am going to go and see gorillas. what are you guys up too? I am sorry But I have to go next time I will try to write a longer comment.

    From, Jorja

  6. Dear Jorja,
    Wow, you are going to have a great day at Animal Kingdom. The power went out here at 7:15 and didn’t come on until 8:15 this morning. It is 9:30 now and only 4 students in our class have arrived at school so far. We will show everyone your message when they arrive.

    We looked at a map of Animal Kingdom and we clicked on the safari to see the kinds of animals you would see today. We looked up Okapis and Gazelle to see what they looked like. We thought it was cool that the Okapis looked part zebra. Did you see any on the safari ride?

    We also watched a video of the Expedition Everest ride. We thought it looked fast and scary! Did you get to ride it?

    We can’t wait to read your next message!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. W, Brooklynn, Kezra, Cherish, and Sierra

  7. Hi class. It sounds like you learned a lot during your bus safety field trip. I need to say, as a mom, that Owen, I am glad you learned not to jump out of the bus when the driver is driving!

  8. Hello Mrs. Watson and class!

    That is good that you have learned about bus safety! Bus safety is very important! Most of will not know me but some do. My name is Oceana and I used to be in Mrs. Watsons class. I live in Courtenay and I go to Oyster River Elementary. I am in grade 5. Im glad that you are learning so much from Mrs. Watson! She is a wonderful teacher!

    From your old friend,

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