Pajama Day 2013

Today we got to wear our pajamas to school and we even got to bring along a friend or two (the stuffed kind). After the lunch we had a pajama parade, played a sleep dance game, and did buddy reading with the intermediate class. It was a fantastic day! We all think that the Students’ Council did a wonderful job and we can’t wait for our next fun day!

3 thoughts on “Pajama Day 2013

  1. Hello Everybody!

    It is Nicole, Teagan, Lainey, Marek and Elliott here. We just watched the PJ Day Video. It looks like you guys had so much fun! But it also made us miss all of you allot.

    We are settling back into life in Victoria. Teagan is in Gr 3 English, Lainey in Gr 1 French, Marek in preschool, Elliott at home or with a babysitter sometimes, Nicole teaching Gr. 4/5 part time, and Cary is out fishing. Although Teagan and Lainey’s school is only K – Gr 5, it has 515 kids! That is almost as many people as live in Sointula! You should see pick up and drop off at the school…it is crazy! Also, Teagan is playing soccer and on the Cross Country Team, Lainey is in Dance and might join Choir, Marek is still dressing up and dancing up a storm, and Elliott, well the little guy can crawl around everywhere now and pull up on all the furniture.

    Okay you guys, we miss you! Have a great Thursday!
    Ps _ Teagan and Lainey want to write to people on their blogs, but it is too late tonight….maybe tomorrow!

    • Dear Nicole,
      I have missed you allot too. So one is in English one in French. Why do you have to put Teagan into English class and Lainey into French?
      How is teaching GR.4\5 I hope there behaving. I bet if I visit Victoria I could see that. I’m sorry but i’m not really running or playing with balls, I am not dancing this year and I might go to singing but this year not so many activities. Marek is still the same dresses and dancing and the little guy must be hard to keep track of crawling everywhere.
      PS I hope we see you soon.
      Your friend,

  2. Dear class

    I love Pajama Day. It is super fun. My favorite thing about P.J. Day is that you don’t have to change out of your warm cozy pajamas. My auntie has a daycare and she has P-Day. I’ts like the same but you wear your P.J’s and watch movies and eat popcorn and pizza and sometimes drink pop if you’re lucky .

    From Riley

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