How Many Ways?

For our first math class of the new school year we did a “How Many Ways?” activity. We got to choose from 3 different numbers. The number we chose would be the answer to as many different kinds of math sentences we could think of in about 10 minutes. We got to choose from 4, 25, and 136.












We hope you will notice all the different kinds of math sentences we thought of. You will see:

  • adding sentences
  • subtraction sentences
  • multiplication sentences (groups of)
  • division sentences (fair shares)
  • mixed operations
  • sentences with 2 or more terms (e.g. 5+5+5+5+5 = 25)
  • some number sentences using large numbers
  • the zero property (e.g. 20 -20 +25= 25)
  • You might notice the odd mistake too, but we think of mistakes as opportunities to learn something new!

After we had time to think of as many sentences as we could, we got together with our classmates who chose the same number and shared our learning.

We will use today’s pictures to look back at throughout the year as we learn more and more ways to represent numbers.

4 thoughts on “How Many Ways?

  1. Dear K/1/2/3,
    I loved seeing your maths sentences posted as you begin your new school year. It’s funny seeing the “new school year” posts when here in Australia we are three quarters of the way through our year. Looks like you are still having warm weather as you have your cool clothes on!

    Mrs Yore

  2. Dear Mrs. Yore,
    Thank you for your comment! We were excited to get our first comment of the new school year. You thought it was funny to see “new school year” and we thought it was funny to read that you are almost done when we are only on day 3. In the morning it is normally a little cooler, but by recess it has been warming up. We also get quite a bit of fog in the morning and sometimes at night this time of year. Last night it was so foggy! We have also been getting quite a bit of rain. What’s the weather like in Australia right now?

    Your new friends,
    Mrs. W and the 2/3/4s

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