Fun Day!

The last Day of school at AJ was Fun Day!  The students were placed on 5 different teams and all met in the intermediate classroom.  They had about 10 minutes to come up with a team name and a cheer.  The teams were: Billy Gs, Bookworms, Sparkling Zucchinis, Team Awesome, and Diamond W.

In the morning the teams rotated through 5 different stations.  There was: Face Painting, Sidewalk Chalk Mural, Quick Change Relay, Obstacle Course,  and Balloon Pop & Bop.

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At lunch PAC barbecued hot dogs and families brought desserts and side dishes to go with them.  We had a fantastic summer feast.  At lunch a lot of us also got into our swimming suits to be ready for the afternoon.

Water Fun was the theme for the afternoon.  The students made gigantic bubbles, tossed water balloons, rocketed down the soapy slip and slide, and tried their luck at the Fireman’s Relay and the Sponge Race.  It was very wet and very fun!

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To finish off a great school year we gathered in the field for the Tug-o-War.  We matched up teams against teams, grades against grades, boys against girls, and adults against kids (the kids won by a long shot).

This was a great way to finish up a marvelous year!  I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and don’t forget to Read, Read, Read!

4 thoughts on “Fun Day!

  1. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    Wow! My school had funday too! We separated into groups and went to different activies. I was a group leader. We did’t get to do the water slide and water balloons but funday was a couple days before the last day of school so on the last day we had a water gun fight in the feild. I was soaked!

    Hope that you had fun,
    Your old friend,

  2. Hello everyone,

    Looking through all of the activity photos you have shared, your Fun Day looked as though it was… FUN. 🙂

    Scanning through the photos, I was interested in the giant bubbles. There is something magical about bubbles as they reflect the colours of the rainbow only to burst in such a short time. Each one is unique, an individual just like us, yet, like us, they also have things in common. I know when I have helped our school vacation care group, I have often had fun with bubbles.

    I hope you all have a wonderful summer vacation. At this time, my state has two weeks winter vacation and we are half way through. I wonder what the new term/school year will bring for us?

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Dear Ms Watsons 1/2/3/4/ Class

    WOW It looks like you had lots off fun . i wish my old school did that and i hope you do it this year to . The school that i went to last year dint do fun day and my other school dint have that much nice people. and your school has so much nice people i cant beleve my eyes . this school is aousome
    and full of kind hearts.

    from riley.

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