11 thoughts on “Swimming Fun Day

  1. Dear Class,
    That was so fun going swimming in Port McNeil!! I hope we can go back and do that again with everybody there. My favorite part of swimming was jump off of the diving board and going down the slide. Have any of you dog paddled before? I have it hurts your hands only if you go really fast. I trick to swimming is you dog paddle and you kick under water that’s how I go really fast. Flippers are really fun they also make you go fast. The noddles were really fun because you could blow water out of them. It was the best day of my life!!!!!!


  2. Dear Class
    I hoped that Braidon would leave a comment but he didn’t
    because we had to go today. We will be there on Monday or Tuesday.
    I can’t wait to go to California again. My favorite ride was the Star Wars ride thing it was
    the funnest ride ever.
    your awesome cool altra mega infinity
    best friend

    • Dear Jacob,
      Thanks for the comment. Hope you are back soon.

      Your altra mega infinity
      beat friend
      P.s What was the best part you liked when you were in Califonia?!!!!

      • Dear Merissa
        I am back home.The best part in California is seeing Braidon.

        Your awesome super Mega cool Altra
        best freind

  3. Dear Class,
    I thoght it was fun going swimming! Dont you think?

    Your altra mega infinitybest friend

  4. Dear Mrs. Watson and the K/1/2/3 class,

    Swimming fun day! It looks like you all had fun. Was that swimming lessens or just free swimming? At my school, only the grade 3s go swimming and it`s all for swimming lessens. I love going swimming! Every year my whole school goes to the Wave Pool in Corteney. Do you know what the wave pool is? The Wave Pool is an normal pool but after a couple minites a little buzzer will ring and the water turns waves into it! The waves push you around and it`s really fun!
    I hope that you all had a wonderful time! 🙂

    Your old friend,

  5. Dear Oceana
    I did not do swimming fun day because I was in Calafornia.
    You have swimming lessons.
    No I don’t know what a wave pool is.
    Your buddy

  6. Dear Mrs Watson and K/1/2/3,

    I have ended up preparing three posts for our Skype session. here are the links…

    For part 1 of this post…

    For part 2 of this post…

    For Part 3 of this post…

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Mr. Mannell,
      We loved all three posts and all the extra special touches you added so that we could learn even more about Australia. We got really caught up in the last week of school business, but our post should be up this weekend.

      Thank you again for taking your time to chat with us. It was fantastic!

      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

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