Our New Friends in Finland

Recently we received letters from a grade 2 class in Finland. We wanted to find a school to buddy up with in Finland because of the Finnish history of our town.

Our new friends go to Oulu International School. There are 289 students at OIS from preschool to grade 9. We only have 42 students in kindergarten to grade 7.

Here is a great You Tube video they have posted on their website all about their school:

From their letters we learned that:

  • Many of the students like to play Minecraft.  Many of the students in our class love Minecraft too!
  • They only have PE once a week and we have PE for 30 minutes every day.
  • Our school day begins and ends at the same time every day, but they start and finish at different times.
  • We study many of the same subjects in school.
  • Many of the students at OIS are from different countries around the world and can speak several different languages.  Only one student in our class can speak more than one language fluently.

We decided to make a video to show our new friends a little about our school. This first video, will show you the outside of our school and some of the things we like to do (we are working on a second video that shows the inside of our school).  We hope you like it!

We hope that you will be able to leave us a comment!

17 thoughts on “Our New Friends in Finland

  1. hi

    Thanks for the good video.The weather at here is sunny and hot.Do you play base ball at canada?We do not play kick ball but we play soccer!
    Are you good at playing minecraft?We do not play any of your games.


  2. Thanks for the video! We don’t play tag. We don’t play kickball.(and we don’t know what is kickball.) Our canadian teacher will teach us how to play kickball next week.

  3. Thanks for the nice video!

    We don`t play kick ball but we play soccer.
    We play tag, soccer,dodgheball and auther kinds of games too!
    Our playground is nice but I don´t play there.
    What is your favorite game there!!!

  4. Our weather is sunny and hot.Now is 17 + in 11:59.I don`t know how to play it. I play sometimes some games or soccer. I whould like to play in a forest but we can`t.

  5. hello my name is amelia.I am american.thanks for the video.we dont play kick ball but soon we will.we dont have a forest in our school

    • Dear Amelia,
      Thanks for the comment.
      By the way my name is Merissa. I am 9 years old.How old are you? I like to play soccer sometimes,but not all the time. We get to go in the forest because we have a net thing around some of our trees and that is were we have to stay in. I wish you can go in the forest
      From Merissa

  6. Hi we liked the video.
    We liked your play ground =)
    It`s fan that you have a forest were to play,we dont have =(
    Do you no the game named konkka?
    Hou meny children`s you have?
    We have 289 childrens in our school!

  7. It was nice to see your video & you have nice students in your class.You have different things in your school that we don´t have.

  8. Thanks for the video.We do not play kickball because we dont know wat is it.We play tag all so like you.Our playgraund is realy big.One people in our class like to play it.

  9. Hi!!!!!!!
    My name is lukas i like minecraft!!
    you made a realy nice video!!
    our tempreature shows about +17 degreece.
    We play football most in the brakes.
    We dont play kickball.

    • Dear Lukas
      I love Minecraft too!
      Do you know what Roblox is?
      kickball is a fun game.
      it’s always rainy out side.
      Your buddy

  10. Hi! Thank you for the video.Your school play-ground looks really nice. I like basketball but I don´t know what my classmates say about it.

    We play many diffirent kinds of tags. (Examples. x-tag, banana-tag or the everyones it.) Our play-ground is quite big.


    • Dear Inka,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I like basketball too. We play different tags too. We play pol tag, freeze tag,everyone tag,everyone it tag,bridge tag,tower tag, bubble gum tag, and many other tags. What other tags do you,and your friends play?

      In our gym time we do basketball, soccer,bridge tag, and other things. What do you do in gym time. On our free choosing Friday we get to choose what ever we want to do. Do you get to choose what you want to do sometimes? What do you choose if you get to choose what you want to do? What do you have in your gym,and park? Do you have monkey bars? What is it like in Finland?

      From Merissa
      P.s Plese reply

  11. Hi my name is fanni. Thank you of the video. It was very good. We play x tag and some time konkka also. I am from finland. after lunch we can gum.

  12. Dear Mrs. Watson and the k/1/2/3 class,

    We play kick ball sometimes at Oyster River. We also play soccer. We have a lot of fast people in my class. Kayden and Journey are the fastest. If they are not on your team then you can not win the game! That is how fast they are. What do you like best? Kickball or soccer? I like soccer best because I have been playing for so long that I love it now. And I always go to soceer camp every summer.

    Your old friend,

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