Our World, Our Numbers Topic 5- Animals

This week, in our global blogging project, the classes are talking about animals from their countries.  Here is the post we added:


Here in Canada we have many different kinds of animals. Canada is a very large country and there are several different habitats that animals can live in. We have arctic, temperate rainforest, grassland, desert, coniferous forest, ocean, mountain, lake, river, and pond habitats.

We each chose a favourite Canadian animal to learn about and share with you. We will tell you about their length and height in centimetres or metres, their weight in grams or kilograms, and their lifespan in years.

We just thought that we should let you know that even though all these animals call Canada their home, hardly any of them live on our island! In Sointula, you will find White-tailed deer, Killer whales, and the occasional bear or cougar that swims across from the main land (this hardly ever happens).

Which Canadian animal is your favourite?

What kind of habitats are in your country?

Do you have any of these animals where you live or any animals that are similar?

3 thoughts on “Our World, Our Numbers Topic 5- Animals

  1. Dear class
    My favorite animal is a panda a bunny and a teddy. But my favorite Canadian animal is a raccoon. I have the same habitats as you.


  2. Hello Mrs. Watson and class,

    I found your video presentation very interesting. I know my favourite of those you showed was the beluga whale. Whales are fascinating. 🙂

    To answer your questions, I prepared a post for you. It shows 16 Australian animals I compare to the 16 Canadian animals you have shown. I have added photos for many but had to draw a couple of them. Some are from Wikimedia Commons.

    Here is the link…


    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    (This comment is also on your “Our World, Our Numbers” post.)

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