Our World, Our Numbers-Week One

The first week of the Our World, Our Numbers project flew by!  You can read all the posts by the different classes by visiting the Our World, Our Numbers blog.  This week we learned all about Canadian, American, Australian, New Zealand, and UK currency.

Yesterday we tried a game called, “Guess My Coins” that Mr. Salsich and his class posted on the blog.  It was a lot of fun.  Theygave us 5 challenges to try:

  1. I have seven American coins that equal 67¢. What coins could I have?
  2. I have five American coins that equal 36¢. What coins could I have?
  3. I have nine American coins that equal 59¢. What coins could I have?
  4. I have seven American coins that equal 46¢. What coins could I have?
  5. I have eight American coins that equal 65¢. What coins could I have?

    Here is a video showing some of the solutions we came up with.  We thought it was great that many of the challenges had more than one correct solution.


    Do you have a coin challenge for us to solve?

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