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This week the students in 4KJ and 4KM are sharing with us about their currency in Australia for the Our World, Our Numbers project we are a part of.

We noticed that there are a lot of similarities between their money and our and that there are some differences too:

  • We both have the dollar. (Lily)
  • We lost our penny.  I wonder if they ever had the penny. (Jorja)
  • They have Queen Elizabeth II on lots of their money too. (Brooklynn)
  • We both have 2 dollar coins. (Teagan)
  • We both have 1 dollar coins. (Kezra)
  • We both have plastic (polymer) money. (Bronwen)
  • We don’t have a 20 cent coin. (Solomon)
  • We don’t really use our 50 cent coin, but people collect them. (Sharon)
  • The symbol on our 10 cent coin is a schooner. (Jorja)
  • We have a 25 cent coin and they don’t. (Kezra)
  • Our paper/plastic money is called bills and they call it notes. (Lily)

We thought that they did a great slide show showing the different coins and notes that they have in Australia. We learned a lot of interesting facts!

Here is a picture showing the different coins we have in Canada:

image from banffnationalpark.com

Here is a picture showing the different bills we have:

image from ladybirddanita.blogspot.com

Here is a link to our most recent bills and what they represent http://www.craigmarlatt.com/canada/symbols_facts&lists/currency.html 

Here are some facts about our money:

  • Queen Elizabeth II is on all of our coins. (Lily)
  • So far we only have polymer bills for some of our bills. (Solomon)
  • Only the most recent of our bills are made of polymer. (Brooklynn)
  • There is a picture of a polar bear on our 2 dollar coin.  It is nicknamed the toonie. (Taegan)
  • The penny s a maple leaf on it,  starting this month we don’t have it anymore. (Bronwen)
  • Queen Elizabeth II is on one of our bills, the $20. (Kezra)
  • On the quarter, the 25 cent coin, there is a caribou.  (Jorja)
  • One of our $5 bills has hockey players on it. (Jacob)
  • The one dollar coin is nicknamed the loonie because it has a loon on it. (Rhys and Jorja)
  • Our 10 cent coin has the Bluenose Schooner on it, the fastest sailing ship. (Lily)
  • They stopped making the pennies because they cost too much to make. (Brooklynn)
  • The 5 cent coin has a beaver on it. (Bronwen)
  • The 50 cent coin has Canada’s Coat of Arms on it. The Coat of Arms has a unicorn and a lion on it. (Jorja)

We thought that people might find these videos interesting.  The first one is a song that talks about some of the symbols on our coins and the second one explains how Canadian coins are made.

Canada in My Pocket by Michael Mitchell

Making Stuff Visits the Royal Canadian Mint

10 thoughts on “Our Currency

  1. wow we have a lot of money that looks the same as theirs
    I hope everyone learned a lot about our currency
    and had fun doing it to

    from Charlize

    • Dear Charlize,
      Thank you so much for leaving us another comment. We learned a lot about our money too. Do you have a favourite coin or bill?

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson’s Class,

    That’s very intersting stuff! The money I use is all green, brown, and gray. But your money is all sorts of colors and have different symbols and people on them. It’s very interesting to see the different currency in different parts of the world.

    Techie Kids

    • Dear Grant,
      Thank you for the great comment! We are having a lot of fun learning about the different money in different countries. So far most of the money we have seen from the other countries is quite colourful. Do you like the colourful money?

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  3. Dear Mrs Watson’s class,
    Thank you for sharing your video about the coins with us… we can’t stop singing it! We have watched it 4 times now in class – it is just so catchy! ARGH!
    Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

  4. Dear class
    I’m looking at your blog. I’m also sick. And I’m at the library.
    it is stormy. I might not be coming back this week, just letting you know
    from Koa bye class

  5. I love the Canada in my pocket song can’t stop singing it Jacob played it last night for all of us and I learned the words instantly
    from Charlize

    • Dear Charlize,
      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment. Many of us get that song stuck in our heads too. I know I often catch myself singing it at home. It is such a catchy tune!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. W

  6. Dear Mrs. Watson’s Class,

    We are studying Canadian symbols and we love your video “Canada in my Pocket”!

    Grade 3/4/5 English,
    St. Adolphe, Manitoba

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