Cedar Weaving with Claudia

Today during First Nations time we learned how to weave with cedar. We learned that the cedar strips came from the bark of the cedar tree. Claudia had to cut the pieces of bark into strips and then split them so they were thin enough. The cedar strips were soaked in water so that they would be more flexible for weaving.

We worked with a partner so that one person could hold the strips still while the other person did the weaving.

Teagan-It looks really hard, but it’s actually not that hard.
Brooklynn-It was hard to push the strips up.
Lily-It was really fun and I had a great time. I thought it would be really hard because I hadn’t done it before.
Koa-After we did the weaving it looked really cool.
Taegan-It didn’t really look hard, but it was hard.
May-It was very fun to do it, even though one of mine kept falling off.
Jorja-I had a great time, but asked Claudia for help and found out I had 2 “unders”.
Kezra-I thought mine wouldn’t look good, but then it did.

Have you ever tried weaving?

4 thoughts on “Cedar Weaving with Claudia

  1. Dear Class,
    I loved Cedar Weaving. Mine was longer than it was wide. I tried to keep on going but the Cedar seemed to be getting firmer as I went. I am probably going to put mine in my room for a decoration. What are you going to do with yours?


  2. Hello Mrs. Watson’s K/1/2/3 Class,

    When we look at the traditional cultures of many people around the world, we have a chance to see how they lived and what crafts they knew. All cultures found ways to make use of whatever was at hand with many using weaving. Cedar weaving looks like fun. I have seen cane weaving, reed weaving, leaf weaving, cloth weaving and even recycled weaving. Recycled weaving uses things we might normally throw away like bits of paper or material.

    I have tried weaving and found it fun. From all of your wonderful photos, I can see you also enjoyed weaving. Did any of you imagine what it might have been like sitting with others a long time ago? Imagine sitting around a fire weaving a new basket or perhaps something to wear. I wonder what stories or legends would be heard?

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Dear Mrs Watson,

    Your classes weavings looked like a lot of fun but tricky to do. I weaved in art class and it was a lot of fun. I finished my whole weaving in two days! Once my class had to go on this field trip to go weaveing and my friend weaved her weaving onto the table cloth and her weaving and table cloth where stuck together! It was really funny looking but she got it out after a couple minutes.

    Techie Kids

  4. I hope you had fun doing the weaving my class did. I made a bracelet and gave it to my mom. in my class right now we are doing wood work, bead work and weaving, but we are weaving sashes

    I hope you have more fun in first nation class
    from Charlize

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