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Today we launched Listen to Reading. Listen to Reading is important because we can hear fluent and expressive reading, and learn and understand new words and stories.  Listening to stories also happens to be a lot of fun!

Before we practiced Listen to reading we made an I Chart just like we did for Read to Self and Work on Writing. When we are listening we will:

  • Listen to the whole story
  • Listen to another story if you have time
  • Follow along with picture and/or words
  • Stay in one spot
  • Listen quietly
  • Get started quickly

During Listen to Reading we can listen to stories on the computer or on the iPods and iPads.  There are so many great stories to choose from that it is hard to pick.

We noticed that building stamina during Listen to Reading is pretty easy.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Reading

  1. Your approach to reading and writing is very different from my school in England. We don’t have the same level of technology supporting reading and reading is more informal. What everyone agrees on is that reading is a super skill to have. Right now I am going back decades and decades to my childhood; I reading Philip pullman’s brilliant new collection of the old traditional tales, like Rumplestiltskin and Hansel and Gretel. I love telling stories and my ghostie ones on residential trips get the children ‘nicely’ frightened, especially a story called, ‘The finger!.
    We have 2000+ fiction books in my little school. We have 96 children aged 3-11. I know your school is smaller. I think there is a place for computers and a place for real books. I am glad that you enjoy reading… that is the main thing.

    I wonder if your teacher reads to you and how often, I bet she does!

    Mr E

  2. Dear Mrs.Watson and class,
    I like to do every thing because it is so hard to chose. My favourvite thing to do is blogging. What is your favourite thing to do?

    From your

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