Aboriginal Day Celebration

On Friday our whole school went to Fort Rupert to take part in an Aboriginal Day celebration.

When we arrived we went into the big house for the opening ceremonies.  There were a few speeches and then we got to see two special dances.  We especially liked the dance where the dancers spread eagle down from their headdresses as they danced.

After the opening ceremonies we left the big house and went to try all the different activities that were set up in the community centre.  We made hide bracelets, tried our hands at cedar weaving, and even got our faces painted if we wanted to.  There were different stations set up all around the hall as well as some great food.

After eating lunch we went down to the beach and almost everyone went for a paddle in one of the traditional canoes.  We had to take off our shoes and socks to get into the canoe.  It was so much fun!

Finally, we returned to the big house and sampled some of the foods in the traditional feast before the closing ceremonies.  There was salmon, crab, seaweed, oysters, ooligans, herring eggs, and even sea urchin.  Once everyone had a chance to have a taste we returned to our seats for the closing dance.  We all got invited to the floor to join in.  It was a great way to end a fantastic day!


What was your favourite part of the Aboriginal Day celebration?

One thought on “Aboriginal Day Celebration

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    It sure does look like you had a lot of fun at the Aboriginal Day celebration. By the photos and words you used, it looked and sounded like you had an absolute ball! I hope I can maybe go to one of them one day. I don’t know what my favourite part would be because I wasn’t there! But, if I had have been there, the activity I would have enjoyed the most would have been, watching the dancers and getting my face painted!

    What did enjoy most about the Aboriginal Day celebration?

    From your new blogging buddy,
    Liv 🙂 (4KJ)

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