Field Trip

Last Monday we went on a field trip to learn more about the history of commercial fishing in Sointula. We visited the Sointula Museum and the Sturgeon I.

A huge thank you to Shane Field for organizing the trip and to the many volunteers who shared their knowledge with us at the museum and at Anderson Marine Ways.

2 thoughts on “Field Trip

  1. Hello,
    I love your blog. I bet you all had a fabulous time on your trip and it certialy sounds like it! Please could you go on my challenge blog and do this weeks challenge as the blog is new. You can do this at:
    I look forward to seeing some of your enteries and I hope you enjoyed the trip.
    From Chloe.

  2. Museums are such interesting places! What were some of the most interesting things that you learned about Sointula? It was also really interesting to see the Sturgeon 1 at Anderson Marine Ways.

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