Healthy Eating

In Health and Careers we have been learning about healthy eating and making good food choices. We have learned about the four food groups and the number of servings that are recommended from each food group each day. We have also talked about serving sizes.

Today we tried a game that the grade 3s enjoyed playing last year called, MyPyramid Blast Off. In Canada, our food guide looks a little different, but MyPyramid Blast off is still a great way to practice choosing healthy foods! Click the image below try the game.


Were you able to make it to Planet Power?

Can you give us an example of a healthy meal you enjoy?

2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

  1. Hello Mrs.Watson,
    This post makes me feel hungry. Im at Sharons house. We will be leaving on Sunday and coming back on Friday.I enjoy Salad, Sometimes. Whats your favourite meal. Mine is Progies. Sophie is coming over after school tomarow.

    From Oceana

  2. Sometimes it seems that every single thing I like to eat is NOT healthy! However a meal I love and that is fairly healthy is prawns and squis in garlic and olive oil with spaghetti! bet the kids would run away from a meal like this, or maybe they would surprise me. Desert favourite, cream cheese and majoul dates, with fresh pineapple. What have i got tonight …. fish fingers! Hey we live a long way from the shops.
    Did you guyscome up with a great meal that you like AND think is healthy?

    Mr E

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