A New Playground Game

We have been learning so much from our global friends through the Our World, Our Stories project that we are a part of. This week Mrs. Yollis’ class posted a great video of her students playing a fantastic game called Bamboo. We had heard of Bamboo when we Quad Blogged with a class from her school last year, but couldn’t quite imagine just how to play it.

Here is the video Mrs. Yollis and her students posted on the Our World, Our Stories Blog:

We couldn’t wait for the rain to stop so we could get outside and give Bamboo a try. Unfortunately our bars are a little too tall, but that didn’t stop us from playing. Kennedy, Sophie, Karin, and Ana made a few changes to the game and decided to call our version Switch.

Here is a video of our new game, Switch:

Thank you to Mrs. Yollis and her students for sharing such a great game with us! Maybe they will give Switch a try too.

What kinds of playground games do you like to play at your school?

Parents and families, what games do you remember playing when you were in elementary school?

24 thoughts on “A New Playground Game

  1. Hello to Mrs W’s Class! What a very energetic video – I like the way you took the original game and adapted it to suit your equipment, which was slightly different. We’re looking at getting some new fixed playground equipment for our outdoor area, and seeing you playing on the parallel bars is great – we’re on the look out for new and different ideas! Which piece of playground equipment do you play on most?
    At the moment in our playground there are lots of games of blocky or tig going on – we need to run around to keep warm at this time of year! When I was at school we had a game called ‘Kiss, cuddle or Torture’ which was tig where if you got caught, you had to choose one of those options… we always chose TORTURE! I wonder if we’d be allowed to play that in our school nowadays…
    Mrs M

    • Dear Mrs. M,
      Thank you for leaving us a comment. It must be exciting trying to pick out new equipment for your playground. The students play on the big structure (platforms, monkey bars, various ladders, and slide) a lot. They like to make up different games to play on it. Students from grades K-7 all seem to enjoy it. One of their favourite games is Grounders.

      We think that blocky and tig might be similar to what we call tag? We don’t think that “Kiss, Cuddle, or Torture” would be allowed now, but we sure giggled about it!

      We hope you get more equipment soon!
      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    What a great adaptation of the game Bamboo! I love how you looked at the equipment that you have and made it work. The”three kick trick” for those who can’t do a flip is a great one! I love learning about new games! Did anyone get dizzy? 🙂

    My students are on a long Thanksgiving vacation right now, but will return on Monday. They will be thrilled to see what you’ve done with Bamboo!

    I heard in the comments section on the Our World, Our Stories blog that they were playing the game in Australia too. In fact, a teacher even tried it. I’m thinking maybe I should give it a go too. What do you think?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs. Y♥llis,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment. We thought it was a good idea to, it really helps me to I can’t do a flip over the bar, but since we made that rule I can still play 🙂 Yes! Everyone that played that game gets dizzy, ecsep me since I can’t do a flip but my legs start to hurt! That sounds entertaning but I he or she did not get hurt. I think that if you really like the idea and you want to try it, give it a shot, do not forget to careful!

      Best wishes,

  3. You girls sure are energetic! Ana was explaining the two games to me the other day. It’s fun to see it in action and helps with the explanation. Keep up the good physical activity!

    • Dear AJ,
      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment! I bet you have a nice playground too. What do you like to play on?

      Mrs. W

    • Dear Jenna,
      The students at our school eat their lunches in the classroom or they go home for lunch. After they eat they have about 30 minutes to go outside and play on the playground. If it is a super rainy day, they sometimes get to stay inside and play quietly in the classroom, the computer lab, or the gym. What kind of tag games do you like to play at our school?

      Mrs. W

  4. Hello!
    I like to play football at school and I play how many consecutive headers can I do .
    What is your favriote food.

    • Dear Yahya,
      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment! Many of the students in our class also like to play football (we call it soccer though). How many headers can you do? We’ll have to see how many the Grade 2/3s can do.

      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  5. Dear Mrs. Watson’s 2/3’s,

    Wow, that looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing those amazing videos. We had ourselves a good giggle watching all of the excitement. 🙂 Immediately, the Techie Kids started talking about how they couldn’t wait to try out these two games. We have parallel bars too. Many of us are brainstorming different ways to play. One student even thought it’d be fun to play Bamboo while wearing a panda suit!

    Nehderi likes to play Dynamite. She says that the players go to a spot with no grass and 2 poles, like the basketball court. One person is a tagger. Everyone else has to try running across to each bar without getting tagged. When the tagger gets someone, they yell, “Dynamite!” Whoever gets tagged becomes the tagger.

    From your friends,
    The 2/3 Techie Kids

    • Dear Techie Kids,
      Thanks for leaving us a comment. We think it is so cool that so many new variations of the game Mrs. Yollis shared are popping up all over the place! People playing in panda suits would be very funny!

      Dynamite sounds similar to a tag game we play in our covered area, except we use more than 2 poles. We call our game Pole Tag. We’ll have to give Dynamite a try.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  6. Dear Ms.Watson and 2/3’s,

    We really enjoyed your videos. We like to jump off the swings during recess. Here is how you do it. First you get really high and then count to ten and then jump off. If you do it like this you can have lots of fun jumping off the swings. We also like to play on the tire swings. When you go in circles you can get really dizzy! If you get to dizzy when you get off of the tire swing you will fall on the ground. This is what me and Gianna like to do at recess.\

    Your friends the Teckie Kids, Jada and Gianna

    • Dear Jada and Gianna,
      It sure sounds like you have a lot of fun on the playground. We love to spin on our tire swing too. One person sits in the tire and hangs on tight. The other kids spin it up tight and then let it go. It goes as fast as lightning and we get very dizzy too! Has anyone ever felt sick after spinning?

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  7. Dear Mrs.Watson and the 2/3’s,

    Aloha! This is Mia, Brianna and JG. Our favorite games outside are playing on the swings and doing Tarzan on the chains. JG likes to wrap her legs around the swings and hang upside down. You have to try to tag your opponent. Don’t hit your head on the pole though!

    Mia, Brianna, and JG
    The Techie Kids

  8. Dear Mrs Watson and 2/3s,

    I told you about my favorite recess game in a comment with Mrs. Moore. Now I want to tell you something important to me. I am going to piano class. I am vary nurves. I wonder what will happen. I hope I will have fun.

    Your friend,
    Techie Kids

    • Dear Nehderi,
      You must be so excited about piano lessons. I wish that I knew how to play the piano. In school I played the clarinet, alto saxophone, and the trombone. Maybe one day I will take some piano lessons! I am sure you will do a wonderful job and have a lot of fun!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. W

  9. Dear Mrs.Watson and the 2/3’s,

    When we saw your video we wanted to make up are own game called flip. Because some people can’t flip over.

    So, this is how you play, you do a trick over the bar. If you fall you switch. that is how you play flip.

    your friends, Anthony and Buster

    • Dear Anthony and Buster,
      Thank you so much for your comment. We think it is amazing that Mrs. Yollis and her students have inspired so many new playground games all over the world. Your variation sounds like a lot of fun too! We’d love to see a video of the Techie Kids playing it.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  10. Mia Koa Jorja and I watched the new version of switch and we think it looks really fun and a great bootcamp style workout too!!!!

  11. Dear Mrs. Watson the 2/3s,

    We always get really! Gianna always gets really dizzy so she almost throws up! JG always trys to throw up in peoples hood!

    Stay warm Your friends the techie kids Jada Gianna JG

    • Dear Jada,Gianna, and JG,
      Yikes, that must be some serious spinning. I have never enjoyed spinning round and round. It makes me feel sick for a long time afterwards. I hope no one has a mess in their hood!

      Have a wonderful holiday,
      Mrs. W

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