Partner Storybirds with B4

Earlier this term we started a wonderful collaborative writing project with our friends in Mrs. McKenzie’s class in New Zealand. We were each given a buddy or two from Mrs. McKenzie’s class that we would write our Storybirds with.

Our class started by picking some art work that we thought our buddies would like and then we wrote the first page. Next we passed the stories to our New Zealand friends. It was so exciting waiting to see what our friends would write. Sometimes we were surprised by the twists and turns the stories would take and other times it seemed like our buddies had been reading our minds!

Writing a story with someone on the other side of the world, without being able to talk to them, taught us to be flexible. We had to reread the story each time it was passed back to us and then choose a picture and write the next bit that would fit with the direction the story was taking.

We hope that we get a chance to write collaborative stories again! Here are two of the stories that were written. To see the other partner Storybirds you can visit B4’s wiki and click on each student’s page. The 2/3’s will be adding the Storybirds to their blogs later this week.

The Busy City by Fay, Dylan and Kayden
The Busy City on Storybird

The Haunted House by Niall, Liam and Matthew
The Haunted House on Storybird

Thanks so much to Mrs. McKenzie and B4 for teaming up with us for this fantastic project!

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