Reading Celebration and Sleepover

Friday was one exciting day! After we got off the ferry from our swimming lessons in Port McNeill we started our Reading Celebration.

Before lunch we read Wombat Stew and then got into groups and made sound effects to go along with different parts of the story. We also played Book Hangman on the Smartboard and read another chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (we’re almost done).

After lunch we made our own bookmarks, tried our hand at being an illustrator, and went shopping for new books to take home (Mrs. Watson collects books all year for the Reading Celebration). Next we wrote digital stories with the students in the Kindergarten/Grade1 class. Many of the students chose to buddy up with their younger siblings. We all wrote fantastic partner Storybirds. Up next we had a little time to finish up our bookmarks and shop for another book before our families arrived to read with us before going home to get ready for the evening. It was so nice to see parents, grandparents, and aunties spread out around the school reading!

We returned to school at 5:30 for our potluck supper, more reading fun, and the sleepover. Thank you to all the parents for the amazing food they made for our feast. It was absolutely delicious! After dinner we had the Reading with Expression Contest. Everyone did such an amazing job that we all won a special prize! Next we got into teams and played Harry Potter Jeopardy on the Smartboard. It was so much fun.

We finished the evening with a movie, popcorn and snacks before climbing into our tents to read before bed.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

7 thoughts on “Reading Celebration and Sleepover

  1. Dear Mrs Watson and Grade 2/3
    Wow, I am glad I didn’t have to judge the Reading with Expression contest!
    You all did a wonderful job, with lovely smooth, expressive reading.

    Your evening looks as though it was a lot of fun. I ope you all got some sleep. 🙂

    warm wishes
    Mrs M♔Kenzie

    • Dear Mrs. Mckenzie,

      Thanks for the awesome comment! I read Harry Potter and the Prisinor of Azkaban. What would you read? I love to read. Here are some of my faveourite books: The kitty Corner, The Puppy Place, Harry Potter, Robert Munch, and lots more! here are my two favourite authers: Beatrix Potter, and Jk Rowling. Whats your favourite book and auther?

      Best wishes,


  2. Dear Mrs Watson and Grade 2/3,

    I’m glad I found this post via Mrs McKenzie on Twitter. It looks like you had a lot of fun and learnt so much! I just love the idea of a Reading with Expression contest. I am going to share that one with my teaching buddy, Miss Jordan.

    I bet Mrs Watson and all the students are exhausted after such a big day and night. Lucky your holidays are here!

    Happy reading!
    Mrs M☀rris
    2KM and 2KJ

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      Thanks for the comment. I loved the reading with Expression contest it was so fun. If you were the judge who would you pick?


  3. Hello Mrs. Watson and Grade 2/3

    I just finished watching your video, you all read so eloquently and expressively. I was very impressed!
    I hope you enjoyed your reading sleep over, it looks like you had a great time.

    I am glad to have met you all, enjoy the rest of your school year and the summer!

    Ms. Kiatipis

    • Dear Ms.Kiatipis
      I am glad you really think we read so well.
      I am happy that we are starting the summer holaday. Are you going any where?

      your friend

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