Skipping Tricks

A few weeks ago our friend Mr. E and the students at Hawes Community Primary School made a great post on their blog about playground games.  Their post inspired us to hit the tennis court with ropes in hand.

The  2/3’s all have their own skipping ropes at school and have been practicing their skipping skills for the last couple weeks. We thought it would be fun to share some of the tricks we have learned so far.

What is your favourite skipping trick?

We would love to see videos of our blogging buddies doing some tricks of their own so that we can learn more!

6 thoughts on “Skipping Tricks

  1. Lovely Jubbly, I especially liked the skipping two to a rope and on one leg!. As it is a you tube post we can’t see it in school. However I have a you tube link for skipping that blew my socks off.
    We have just put up a video showing Libby Hoola Hooping 12 hoops. How many can you do? She tells me that the bigger the hoop the easier it is.
    I am so delighted that you have enjoyed skipping, it’s a great form of exercise. We are going to share a little more about skipping in the next few weeks.
    Do you break up in the middle of June like they do in USA? We are now back until … July 18th !

    Enjoy your Friday.

    Mr E

  2. Wow! What a great video! Those tricks are very impressive. How long had you been practising before you made the video? Do you ever use a long rope? We had a little competition to see how many jumps we could make with half of our class jumping at the same time with a really long rope. We made it to three jumps. I wonder how many your class could do? What do you think?

    • Dear Mrs. Murphy,
      I am happy that you lke the video 🙂 We worked hard on them for a few weeks. No we have never used a long rope. Wow! That sounds cool! Three is pretty good, I wonder how many my class would do too. I hope you get better on the rope.

      Talk to you soon,

  3. Dear 2/3’s,

    You all have some fancy footwork! That looked like an excellent way to get some exercise. I can’t believe that you could jump rope backwards and on one foot! I suddenly feel like finding my old jump rope. 🙂

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Moore

    • Dear Mrs. Moore
      Did you like my jump rope backwards well I was on one foot.
      Did you think you can make a jump rope out of a large piece of rope.
      Can you cross your rope and make it throw? I can.
      Can I tell you some of the trices I know…
      cross and jump,
      partner skipping,
      backwards skipping,
      skipping on one foot backward and forward.

      from Ana

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