Fire Safety

On Wednesday, several members of the volunteer fire department visited our school to teach us all about fire safety.

Ken and Clement showed us the clothing and equipment firefighters use to keep them safe. They also talked to us about fire safety in our homes. We learned about “get low and go” and practiced “stop, drop, and roll”. They spoke to us about smoke detectors and about having a plan that we practice for getting out of our homes in a fire.

Next we had a fire drill. We all got out of the building quickly and went to our meeting spot on the school field. We huddled together to stay warm.

Finally, we were given a tour of the fire truck. Grant showed us around the truck and told us about all the different equipment. We even got to get in the cab of the truck and turn the siren on.

A huge thank you to our volunteer fire department for a great morning!

Fire Safety at AJ on PhotoPeach

3 thoughts on “Fire Safety

  1. Hi mrswatson And the 123,s

    I like the songs you put on your blog
    they are very cool.
    You must of had lots of fun on halloween
    did you all have fun doing halloween activitys in your class.


    • Dear Colesa,

      Thanks so much for leaving us a comment. It is wonderful to see former classmates on our blog again! We all had a great time on Halloween. Thanks so much for planning great activites with the intermediate class. We hope you had fun too!

      Mrs. W and the 2/3’s

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