Summer Fun: Week 4

I can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by! I just got home from a great trip down island and now it is swimming lesson time for Brooklynn. A big thank you to Sophie for leaving a comment on the blog last week! I hope everyone is having lots of fun 🙂

This week’s Reading Rockets ideas: Enjoy the great outdoors
• Pick wildflowers and press them between the pages of a heavy book until the end of summer.
• Plan a backyard camping trip with a friend. List all the things you will need to survive.
• Plan a family ‘booknic’ at your favorite outdoor spot, such as the beach, a park, or the woods. Pack lunch and plenty to read.
• Collect shells at the beach or rocks along a trail. Use a nature guide to identify them.
• Find something small enough to put in your pocket. Write or tell a story about it.
• Look for shapes and designs in the clouds. Draw them.
• Word game! Make a list of words to describe fireworks.

Click on the picture below to make a yummy treat!

Click on the picture below to practice adding single-and-double-digit numbers together while shooting spaceships trying to invade Earth. Hurry before it’s too late and the aliens land!

Click the link below to see a great video about fishy disguises!

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