Summer Fun: Week 3

If you haven’t tried the Week 1 or 2 activities I hope you’ll give them a try too. Here are some great things to try this week:

This week’s Reading Rockets ideas: Discover recipes for fun

  • List all the ice cream flavors you can think of. Now put them in A-BC order.
  • Invent a recipe for a cool summer drink. Write it on a recipe card. Serve the drink to your friends.
  • Go to the library and find a cookbook. Make the most interesting dish in the book.
  • Read the directions on a box of gelatin. Ask a parent if you can help make dessert tonight.
  • Work up an appetite by reading a story about food. Make and eat the food you read about.
  • Word game! How many smaller words can you find in the word watermelon?

Click on the picture below to make our own invisible ink!

Here is a great game to practice your addition facts and experiment with angles and force!

Click the link below to see a great video showing humpbacks bubble feeding. I was lucky enough to witness this several years ago coming home from fishing in Prince Rupert and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

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