Our First Skype Call!

Today we talked with Mrs. Soltau-Heller’s grade 1/2 class in Port Hardy. We compared information about our classes and schools. We also took turns asking and answering questions about favourite foods and animals. They even taught us how to say good bye in Kwakwala, Gila kasla! We are looking forward to our next Skype call and hope we can talk to our friends in Australia.

5 thoughts on “Our First Skype Call!

  1. Dear Mrs. Watson and the 123,
    It was fun skyping with the Port Hardy class. Did you have fun? My mom and I and Jorja are going to the hall on Thursday to watch Alexandra Morton”s send off.

  2. Dear Jordan,
    I thought the Skype call was a lot of fun too! I hope to see you Friday morning as well when we walk with Alexandra to the ferry to start the Migration.

    Mrs. W

  3. Dear Lily

    I like to leave you a comment.

    You did a good job.

    Would you like to leave me a comment?

    Do you have any pets in your house?

    I don’t have any pets in my house.

    You are great at math.

    From Jenny

  4. dear Jenny
    Yes I do have a pet Jenny. It is a cat. His name is Gobber. He is a nice cat. We found him in the wild on Demin Island. He is shy of people but he is not shy of us.

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