Our Fantastic New Smartboard!

Here are some photos of our new Smartboard in action today.  A huge thank you to our school PAC!  Please drop by to check out all the amazing things it can do.

3 thoughts on “Our Fantastic New Smartboard!

  1. We just got our new Promethean Boards which are like Smartboards a few months ago. We love using it.
    We also have started blogging with a school in Australia and New Zealand. Each day we look forward to learning something new about others around the world.

    We would love to learn more about you and your school. We will be out of school on June 10th so we don’t have many more days before we move on to third grade.
    Our blog site is located at—


  2. Dear Ms.Todd,

    We had a hard time without the Smartboard . When we did not have the Smartboard a year ago.

    So you asked to know about our shcool. Here is a lot of things that we have at A.J.

    Gym, 3 class Rooms. 4 bath rooms, computer lab, play ground and library.

    June 10th, wow we end shcool in June 29th.

    Happy holidldays;)

    From Jordan

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